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Celebrate Your Small Victories


There is no better place than in his heart to celebrate a small accomplishment. This is not the mark of narcissism, it is above all the proof of gratitude to destiny. Our efforts are not often rewarded as much as we had hoped for, but they are always rewarded.

It may seem childish or even childish not to show any gratitude even though we receive blessings.
A victory celebration, however humble, is like a moment of thirst quenching during a race. Of course we can continue to run passionately, but the burden of effort becomes heavier and heavier to bear. It is advisable to take a slight break, to experience pleasure in the delight of this water that one swallows at full sip. It is the same for the race of life. This one does not always have a clear goal for us, we only know that the final finish is death, that’s why hurrying can be madness. However, on all the stages of our path, we can keep the hope of progress even if the outcome is inevitably tragic. Whether one looks at you with contempt or disinterest, there is always a higher entity ready to listen to you and believe in you. God will not abandon you, even if you have abandoned Him – His messages will only be inaudible to you in this case.

When you sneeze, time stops, or at least it stands still, you become your own observer – just before you sneeze – for a quarter of a second. Gratefulness is somehow sneezing longer. It is taking stock, stopping for a moment in one’s run to savor the work accomplished and contemplate the work that remains to be done.

Drink those sips of fresh water along the way that is life. It will make your journey more enjoyable. Don’t look at those who seek to demean you. Lower yourself before God alone like an endive bending down to catch the sun’s rays.

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