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Your Fellow Being Is A Puzzle To Be Solved


The only way to stop the infernal chain of hatred is to transform ourselves into a link of love, that is to say, to raise our level of consciousness. In order to do this, we must be able to learn to love. Someone who is despicable is not worthy of being loved by definition. However, he or she is perhaps the one who needs to be loved the most. Someone who is abject challenges our heart: How can we vibrate at the frequency of love when low energies assail us? This is an enigma that only our heart can solve, the intellect alone cannot. If we try to solve these problems with our reason alone, we will be doomed to failure. Evil is there to show us that we still have a job to do. As long as we see evil, it is that we do not vibrate high enough to love indiscriminately and see the divine source that resounds in every being. The others are a reflection of our inner life. So, whenever a dark thought crosses your mind, tell yourself that you still need to purify yourself to eliminate this darkness from your heart. It is a long term work where each one leaves with different predispositions, especially because of the family environment in which they grew up.

Each time darkness appears, you have to bring light into it. Spiritual life is like hygiene, it is a never-ending routine. We must work every day to wash away the impurities of the day before, otherwise they will accumulate and have a deleterious effect on our lives. Just as you wash your teeth every day, meditate and pray for your neighbour every day.

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