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The art of elimination


In a consumerist world, the verb “to eliminate” may seem antinomic. However, this verb is strong as it brings us clarity and simplicity. Elimination is a universal principle present in nature and in our bodies: what we eat, we eliminate naturally. Problems arise when we hold things in. On a psychic level, the absence of elimination leads to a rehashing of thoughts that can lead to neurosis, for example. On a physical level, storing fat or waste within us is also a factor of poor health. So, why don’t we copy our body which is endowed with an examplary wisdom? What does it mean to make the verb “to eliminate” an important part of our daily lives?

The first principle of elimination is non-consumption: it is easier to lose the calories that we have not taken. This implies that we must be scrupulous in choosing what we bring into our lives, whether it be psychic or physical. Thus, eliminating forces us to be selective.
The second principle of elimination is to think in terms of creation and not consumption. We can say that today the world is divided into two groups: the consumers and the creators/producers, the second group being the one that truly lives in an emancipated way. If you make the choice to shape your brain to become a creator, you will see the world differently.

It can be said that in some ways, consuming is a nihilistic act. Indeed, we can see in excessive consumption the expression of an existential emptiness that finds no satisfaction. The emptiness is mainly linked to the loss of meaning and taste of life that we try to hide with all kinds of artifices. What could be better than to create to find the meaning of existence.

To create is to manifest an energy and to spread it around you. When we are in a creative process, we no longer see objects as instruments intended to bring us pleasure, but rather as tools intended to serve our creation. The search for pleasure through objects is vain because it is inexhaustible. On the contrary, being in a creative process pushes us to seek the joy that occurs when working with objects or ideas. Elimination is a healthy action in any cycle. For energy to circulate in a healthy way, there must always be a way out, otherwise it stagnates and finally alienates us.

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