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Your Main Asset Is Your Heart


The actions we take either strengthen or erode the brilliance of our being. Without realizing it, we compromise the most intimate dimension of who we are.

Financial capital works in such a way that it prospers over time if we know how to invest it well. It forms accumulated interests that allow this money mass to work by itself.

The emanations of our heart work in a similar way. If we take care to preserve our capital of benevolence and goodness, they can flourish on their own and attract all the more benevolence.

The heart is neglected because there are no longer any schools that teach its development. The intellect is what is most valued today as it contributes to prosperity and success is all too often only approached through the prism of material wealth.

We are all born with a heart capital, but it can be reduced to a trickle if we are not careful. The education we receive can help or hinder the development of the qualities of the heart. The expression of the nobility of the heart finds its manifestation in virtue.

Living with and through virtue is in itself a source of satisfaction. Moreover, it is often a way to surround oneself with light people, the light will indeed tend to seek out the light.

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