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What Is Creatocracy? Is It The World Of Tomorrow?


Creatocracy is a neologism formed from the radical creato for creation and cracy for power, it designates a system in which those who lead, those who have the most political and economic power are those who create. 

This system insists that gradually the establishment of a society where technology is gaining importance through the automation of tasks and the development of artificial intelligence will lead an entire section of the economy to reinvent itself. 

We have witnessed the beginnings of this revolution as the possibilities of the internet have made possible the massive dissemination of products, services and other works of art. The question that needs to be asked is how will this change impact our lives? And what are the best decisions to make to make the most of this changeover? 

First of all, be aware that we all have the ability to be creative in our daily lives. However, our professions do not always allow us to express this dimension of our lives. We must also be aware that the changes brought about by so-called new technologies are already having a harmful effect on the jobs of millions of people around the world. Specifically, the job ‘s disappearing without a smooth transition will be made for most of them. 

The following axis illustrates the type of work that can be impacted by automation. We note that those who are the most resilient to this phenomenon are the trades classified as creative. 

What must be kept in mind is that the disruption of the current working world will give a pre-industrial face to the organization to some extent. What is a pre-industrial society , it is a society which leans on a base of craftsmen to realize the production of goods and commodity while taking a collective form in a punctual way when it comes to wage war or carry out major works such as the construction of roads or fortifications. 

Most of our value creation depends most often on organizations with which we occupy a specialist role whose security is maintained thanks to our compliance or even our conformism and especially to our ability to fully meet the requirements of the position. However, the changes we are witnessing make the scalability of the employee and therefore his ability to adapt essential. This requirement is well integrated by large groups which are increasingly looking for candidates with such characteristics. 

However, the agility of an employee never replaces that of a self-employed worker who can suffer directly the unforgiving sometimes market laws. As you already know, our economic world changes according to processor calculations. 

The frontal competition is done with the machine, so the reality will exceed fiction for all those who do not take seriously the turn imposed by this new paradigm. 

Think of yourself as a creator because this will require you to make the effort to create which can then be replicated on all facets of your personal and professional life. 

A creative approach involves cultivating a fluid mind like non-rigid water like wood that can break. 

Finally cultivate your compassion, according to Kai-Fu Lee, this value also makes you resilient in the face of this changing professional world. You will find below the impact of AI on employment that can be characterized in 4 different ways. 

The quadrant: 

(1): at the bottom left, jobs are doomed to disappear in the long term because humans do not bring any comparative advantage, either in terms of creativity or compassion. 

(2): top left: jobs will have to put AI at the center of their work, humans ensuring interaction with customers or the public

(3): bottom right: humans and machines collaborate, one bringing creativity, the other the capacity for analysis 

(4): top right, the human remains the only master on board, the AI ​​being subordinate to him

Below you will find a more concrete list of jobs that are threatened or not under the categories mentioned above.  

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