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Marriage Is A Proven Anthropological Invention

Marriage is an anthropological invention and we think we’ve found something better Some things have stood the test of time, even if they’re decried today. We might think of religions, certain traditional foods or even certain forms of government. Marriage has, so to speak, been considered an anthropological invention. It has brought many benefits: the protection of women, the protection…


Polysedentarity Vs. Nomadism

Here’s why not to define yourself as a digital nomad Digital nomadism has been popularized recently by the possibilities of the internet and new outsourcing in developing countries, in particular. Polysedentarity, unlike nomadism, allows to create deeper links with people. It is not a matter of taking advantage of a low cost of living, but of starting a process of…


4 Types Of People

This idea comes from the Valuetainement channel There are 4 types of people, if we can sum them up like this. 2 types are to be avoided, 2 types are to be sought. And we can be turn to any of these 4 types. The Subtractors They take up your time, energy, motivation or attention. They exhaust you. They are…