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Frugality, A Supreme Value To See The Emergence Of A Collective Happiness Accessible To All


According to the Hindu tradition, there are three types of happiness: a selfish happiness, one that is indifferent to that of others and another that contributes to that of others. What we are often shown as an image of happiness is finally a selfish happiness, made of consumption of luxury objects where the individual is brought to the pinnacle. Why…


Holistic Practices Gone Astray

Pratiques holistiques

An agnostic society needs practices that support its ideological individualism. Holistic practices that are thousands of years old have been taken over by enthusiasts who are not only convinced but also opportunistic, who have set out to deconstruct them in order to profit from them. Let’s take a look at two trends that originated from holistic and spiritual practices but…


Technological Progress Often Diminishes Human Potential


Traditional values have been sacrificed on the altar of the commodification of the world. Before the advent of the consumer society, our elders organized themselves in such a way that the gratuity, the gift, the service rendered without material counterpart constituted a norm serving as a foundation for the collective. Help for the poor was often provided by the family,…


Original Thought, Original Life


Defending a cause to the point of risking one’s life requires cultivating a certain amount of non-conformism as well as cultivating an ideal. When one enjoys a high level of material comfort and has never really been confronted with deprivation, it is difficult to drop everything to throw oneself wholeheartedly into a fight. We all adhere to a certain level…


Live Or Survive

vivre ou survivre

Living consists in exploiting one’s full human potential. It is about climbing the rungs of Maslow’s pyramid one by one without ever going back below the third level (that of the needs of belonging). Survival consists in being confined to a physiological level (drinking, eating, sheltering) or a security level (protecting oneself from threats or enemies) – respectively levels 1…


Resistance Or Resilience


Two forces are clashing without us realizing it, one conservative, the other progressive. This antagonism crystallizes around two values: resilience and resistance. Let’s see what they imply: According to Wiktionary: Resilience is the “Ability of a person or society to withstand a brutal ordeal and build on it to strengthen itself.” While resistance is the “Defense that humans, animals, or…