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Be The Receptacle Of A Divine Soul


Our words, our thoughts, our actions tend to attract or scare higher entities. The purpose of the spiritual life is to maintain purity within us so that subtle energies can be welcomed. When, for example, we have negative or resentful thoughts, it becomes difficult for our divine soul to remain contained in our being. It ends up leaving to find a more hospitable place, which is why we come to say that someone has lost their soul. This person has defeated his superior dimension, and it will be more difficult to find it. It will take months and sometimes years to erase bad habits that have tainted our spiritual dimension. Thus, it is necessary to maintain a high awareness of our deeds and actions so as not to deprive ourselves of our divine character. There are different practices to cultivate this purity, these are present in the majority of spiritual stream and religions, which shows their universality. First of all, prayer is an invitation to celestial entities to enter us. Meditation helps us calm our thoughts and clarify our intellect. Fasting and vegetarian nutrition contribute to the purification of our physical body, particularly through the autophagy mechanisms they stimulate.

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