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Faced With An Unjust World, There Are 3 Ways To Resist


Lessons from the past

History is rich in lessons, one of them is that it repeats itself. Throughout the “human adventure”, powers have imposed themselves on others by force. Tyranny has never totally destroyed the spirit of resistance of the subjugated peoples. Let’s look at 3 ways of resisting a power that we consider unjust.

Going underground or the guerrilla strategy

When the balance of power is too unfavorable to our opponents, conventional struggle cannot be victorious, so we must resort to an asymmetrical conflict forcing our opponents to fight on our ground. Moreover, it is advisable to use a disadvantage in order to turn it into a strength. Thus, not possessing a heavy weaponry can be an asset to develop its mobility and surprise the opponent in places where he does not expect us. This mode of fighting is the most perilous because even if you manage to blend in with the population from time to time, you have to get out of the bush to conduct operations. Concretely, in the current era, this means, for example, speaking out in public, making an open speech against the order that we are fighting. This exposure gives rise to all sorts of reprisals, the harms of which are well known: harassment, threats, slanderous propaganda, ostracisation and even attacks on our physical integrity.

Wearing a mask while trying to infiltrate the circles of power or influence

The consequences of being a guerrilla can be frightening to many. This explains why the vast majority of us prefer to live our convictions in the shadows, feigning conformity. The resistance of this second group is more temporal, it is above all intellectual. The first pillar of change is the awakening of consciousness. By educating oneself, by reading, by cultivating one’s mind, one is already entering into a process of resistance to an unjust power that feeds primarily on our ignorance.
The more one informs oneself, the more one engages, otherwise, there is cognitive dissonance. Those who have chosen this form of resistance can at any time lend a hand to the guerrillas or even switch to guerrilla warfare. This type of engagement, while less exposed than the previous one, can still lead to greater involvement later on. It should be noted that playing by the rules imposed and thinking that one can turn them against them later has rarely led to change. Gandhi, while advocating non-violence, positioned himself as a radical through his refusal to obey unjust laws. It is difficult to change an order in a system that is rotten from within. If one does not express a form of rupture oneself, starting with thought, it is difficult to overturn the status quo. The main problem with feigning submission is that one can end up being truly subjugated if one is not careful.

Finding a rear base to prepare or coordinate future operations

When it is no longer possible to live in a land whose principles we abhor, we may resolve to set sail for a destination that will allow us to continue our resistance with integrity of spirit. It is not easy not to give in to corruption in a society that promotes it. Sometimes the best solution is to continue the struggle in a different way if we do not feel capable of being on the front line or if we fear being contaminated by our environment even though we are wearing a mask. In a fight against injustice, our most precious asset is the preservation of our integrity, and we must do everything to preserve it, even if it means finding a different means of expression in our struggle.

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