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Live Life As If Only Your Actions Could Teach


As the saying goes, we preach more by our actions than by our words.
Let us be even more extreme in this regard. Let us not ever speak a single word to tell somebody off.

It seems impossible, doesn’t it? It may seem to be self-repressing.

Indeed, sometimes we may have to speak our minds, but it needs to be done in a appropriate situation or circumstance.

For example, to protect an innocent person from a bully, or from unfair treatment.

It is not actually preaching here, it’s an act.

At times, speaking isn’t preaching because you’re fully absorbed in the action, you put yourself at risk and you’re using these words as a shield or Katana, not as a stepping stone to your own self-esteem or self-delusion.

This is why it is important to weigh our words and wonder if we use them as a person of action, as a hypocrite, or as an inconsistent person.

This explains why people of action may cherish silence which enables them to think more clearly.

Moreover, they may not think of their words as an intangible matter, whereas a double-edged sword might require carefulness and dexterity while being used.

To continue this analogy, think of yourself as a swordsman, a knight, a samurai, a writer with your quill, or any other master you could picture.

See how they use their favorite tool in public, with parsimony, even if they may train over and over again in the shadows (mentally, physically and even spiritually).

Think the same of your mouth and it will become a formidable weapon and safeguard.

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