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What Can Ancient Egypt Teach Us?


The sun was on the top of the Egyptian pantheon. Why is this so?

It’s simply because all lives depend on it.

Why should we revere the sun and seek to emanate its qualities?

First, we need to appreciate the inner qualities of the sun in order give it a human dimension (personify it).

The sun is radiant, it gives selflessly. Humans should do the same, by cultivating generosity.

The sun is powerful, its energy supports all lives. We should do the same, that is help and encourage others’ ambitions as well as their personal development, as much as we can.

The sun is but bright light, never shadow. We should behave in such a way. When we are in the company of others, we should only focus on highlighting others’ positive qualities and not their flaws.

The sun is ever warm, it’s the clouds which cover its light. We should always be pleasant and not worry about the others’ misinterpretations, if they are cloudy, we can’t do much about it.

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