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Be Pretentious In Your Actions Not In Your Attitude


Let Your Actions Speak For You

There are many ways to be pretentious, the simplest and most accessible to all is to speak and look particular, haughty or disdainful. There is another way to show your values to the world, it is simply to accomplish actions that seem ambitious for some or unattainable for others.

Being pretentious by your attitude is actually being lazy: you want to show that you are someone important but you don’t have the will or the energy to prove it by your actions.
In society, we are a bit like a consumer product. It has an intrinsic value by the services it renders and there is the publicity that is made around it so that it is known by a target audience. A pretentious person is content to only advertise himself without working to improve his product (himself) and the contribution he can make to the world. The result is that his reputation or brand image will never come to fruition since it is based on nothing but empty space.

You Can’t Build Your Life On Empty Space

If you want to improve your social relations and the consideration you receive, you must serve people, that is to say bring something more to their lives. A great product has its own customers as ambassadors. Have you ever been convinced to buy an iphone in the past by the way its customers talked about it?

Become that great product. Don’t worry about what people think of you. As long as you are beneficial to them, they will necessarily speak well of you.

What Is A Pretentious Action?

It is an act that demonstrates your value, whether it is courage, honesty, benevolence, sacrifice, justice, generosity or any other value you hold dear. Our values are embodied in actions. The more important or spectacular they are, the more our own image will be associated with this idea. So, if you want people to say you are brave or fearless, rather than bragging about your meager past accomplishments, just perform more repeated acts where you have shown courage or boldness in a proven and striking way.

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