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#What does death teach us? #Staggered recognition #You play in different leagues

What does death teach us?

Love is a verb that we learn

Death can knock on our door without warning. Sometimes it’s not you but your dog or a close neighbor. So, you reflect, you replay the thread of your relationship and you ask yourself several questions: did I take care of this individual? Did my presence contribute to his desire to remain on earth or did I show indifference?

For this death? What meaning can I extract from it?

Providence teaches us lessons that we are forced to relive if we are unable to learn them. Life is an eternal beginning for the fool. It is a continuous rebirth for the wise. What does suffering or mourning teach us? Can it serve to change our course?

Death is a message

Someone who leaves your life by leaving life is a messenger whose testimony you must decipher. You did not want him to die, but his death is there all the same. Why do you feel sad about their death? How would you have behaved if you had known that this person was going to leave you so soon? What would you have changed? What lessons can you apply today from what you have learned? How will your life be conducted from now on?

Death teaches us by the suffering it causes

Grief must be accepted, not run away from it, at the risk of having to relive it unconsciously throughout your life. If you think that you cannot overcome your suffering, be patient, time can overcome the greatest sorrows. It is through the pain we receive that we can assimilate the greatest lessons.

Accepting death to accept life

To live well, you must die well. If you constantly deny death, you cannot give your life its true meaning. The person who knows that he or she can die at any moment without regret is alive. To do this, you must live thinking about death every day, without it becoming a morbid preoccupation.

To live is to learn to die

Dying without regret is an art. If you are going to die in the best way possible, act, think or speak as if it were your last action. By doing this, you will never regret living the way you did, your life will be filled with joy and love.

Offbeat gratitude (having love for past suffering)

You had a bad experience, someone wronged you, abused your trust. You feel ashamed and would like to take revenge, but it has been a long time and you can no longer punish the guilty party. What can you do? You can feel sorry for yourself or you can develop gratitude for what happened to you.

Make like the pearl oyster

A grain of sand slipped into the crack of an oyster. The oyster was filtering the water but did not realize that it had intercepted this piece of rock. This little pebble bothered her and she tried to expel it, in vain. So, she decided to turn this bad encounter into a chance by transforming this pebble into mother-of-pearl. By dint of patience and effort, she ends up transforming it into a treasure. The resulting pearl will be sought after by all for its beauty and brilliance. Be like the oyster

The wise man and wisdom are like the oyster and its pearls

The wise man lives through unfortunate experiences, but unlike others, he decides to transform these hazards into wisdom. With love, effort and gratitude, he manages to transform darkness into light. To achieve such a thing, you have to start small but never stop.

You play in different leagues

Don’t expect everyone to belong to your league. You must have noticed that you can be quickly disappointed by some people. They don’t keep their word or simply betray us. This difference should not make you sad or frustrated. Just learn that there are different moral leagues and that yours may be of a different order.

Sports as a model

What does a major league player do when he plays against a minor league player? Generally, he is rather indulgent and does not try to show off to his opponent. Instead, he will choose not to overwhelm the other player and will even “let him play” so that he expresses himself and is more aggressive. He may try to show some nice gestures and sophisticated techniques without trying to impress his opponent.

In life, it’s a bit the same, you have to take people as they are, even if they disappoint you. You have to let them express themselves so as not to upset them while showing what you can do yourself. If you think you’re better, there’s no point in explicitly showing it; it’s vulgar and derogatory. It’s better to show greatness in the little things, so that it’s only visible to insiders.

You can move up or down in the league

By your behavior, you can move up or down in the league. It is through perseverance that you will positively change your league. On the contrary, if you are careless, you will not be able to move down.

It’s up to you to rebuild your league

Unlike sports, the world is not organized by moral league, at most by class or tribal group. These unions are not really based on moral homogeneity: you can find good and bad people in all layers of society. On the other hand, the people who belong to your league are to be discovered by yourself. Your goal is not to live in a vacuum, the idea is to be able to hang out with people who are like you so that you don’t lose morale, while still learning from people in higher leagues or serving as an inspiration to those in lower leagues.

At any time you can learn, you can learn from the good and try to see if you have any bad in you.

A league serves to protect you

Although you are mixed with people from different leagues, it is good to know who you are dealing with in order to better protect yourself. Would you do this or that? If the person betrays himself or herself by his or her actions, you need to distance yourself so you don’t fall into the same trap.

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