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A Mantra, The Best Way To Tune Your Life


Once upon a time, thousands of years ago, in a region which today belongs to what is called India, a wise man was sitting by himself below a tree for days. He suddenly woke up from his deep meditation to find out that he discovered the secret of life, what we commonly call the “truth”. His apparence was not really different from you and me, but there was something in his eyes that could express a light of wisdom. The very knowledge that needs to be implemented in the heart of every single human being to help them reach the state of peacefulness and fullfilment. His enlightement led him to preach throughout several kingdoms to share this light. This man, among others, built what is called Veda, by inspiring people around him. How can we access to this knowledge apart from reading the whole veda? The answer is simply by connecting to the Source of knowledge.

The transcendental experience can be reinforced by the use of a mantra which could be a word or often a full sentence. The idea is to be able to vibrate at a certain frequency in order to elevate one’s level of consciousness. However, mantras can be use not only for spiritual purpose but also for achieving our day-to-day goals.

A mantra has its onw energy that resonates to a certain type of goals

A spirirtual mantra helps achieve spiritual realization. Likewise, regarding “success” or our “family” for example, a mantra can help us to progress in other aspects of our life. They will reinforce our motivation, enable us to  focus our mind toward our goals and lead us to realize them eventually.

Find your mantra

To get your spiritual mantra, you better adress to hinduist guru or buddhist monk. But if you want to find your down-to-earth ones, experiment them yourself. Pick up a word from which you could be inspired from and repeat it in your mind then obverse how it impacts your actions and your behaviour. You may change your mantra in a particular situation to underline one particular aspect of your traits.
Be your own judge, and whenever you feel overwhelmed by the use of a mantra, just stop it, you could even go for a meditation, maybe the mantra you chose developed in you an anxiety.

Remember also that a mantra doesn’t need to be repeated all the over the day, you could just prononce it for a few seconds from time to time, it will play the role of an impulse to spark your energy and focus.
Some examples of non spiritual mantras: “light” ; “love”, “I give the best of myself” ; “Never give up” etc.

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