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Play Your Best Role In The Theater Of Life


The flow of life brings us moments of happiness and moments of sadness. Although there are some moments in life that seem to be within our control, we are faced with conditions that could not be overcome if we had tried to find the person or factor responsible and could not absorb the bitter syrup.

Belonging to family, friends and social circles pushes us to try to escape them, while numbing us to them. Family membership is one of the first boundaries we will be defined by after we first open our eyes, then comes friendship, social and cultural boundaries. These are all meant to serve as ingredients, building blocks, and identities we need to navigate later in life. Unfortunately, we have seen that instead of empowering members, these belongings hinder the life force that was meant to be expressed in creativity, sense of well-being and forms of personal growth.

On a theater stage, we admire actors or actresses who come close to their character and are able to play the given role and express the expected emotions. We could define whether the character is exaggerating or degrading the play by weak acting. It is as if we already know the authenticity of an emotion and have already experienced the whole spectrum of different feelings.

The questions are: Could we play our best role without paying attention to the forces that get in the way? How can we connect with the most authentic emotions? Finally, how free are we to express these feelings and emotions? In other words, what are the boundaries for playing the role of pure self, whether it be sadness, anger, love or joy, without fear of the vulnerability it may bring, and to express them with pure awareness and without bitterness!

Almost all of us know the excellence of authenticity and also the vulnerability we experience in the face of misunderstandings, false expectations and even abuse. Therefore, consciously choosing to play our best role requires three steps of courage. First, we need to observe our play, that is, our actions, emotions and feelings without destructive judgment so that we can connect to our pure role. Next, we must be brave enough to accept that we are capable enough to change in a positive direction, based on our talents and gifts. And finally, to take steps towards the stage of life, to trust the meaningful flow of life, and to be aware of and keep space for the oppositions and difficulties we may encounter.

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