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Purity is a way of being

Most people are lazy or ignorant. They don’t know or don’t want to make the necessary efforts to purify their mind, heart and soul.

The body society

Today’s society values appearances too much. This pushes us to seek the improvement of our only physical dimension to the detriment of all the others.

What we cannot see or show, we tend to neglect, so we prefer to focus on the superficial, thus neglecting the essential.

In parallel, there is the cult of performance, which can take the form of sporting or intellectual excellence. In all cases, the development of the heart, i.e. of morality, is often neglected. We are enjoined to become productive and efficient without taking into account the purpose that this capacity really serves.

The society of appearances is over

The society of pretence will not last.

We cannot live indefinitely in a theatrical representation. What we are will sooner or later come back to the surface like the underground spring that resurfaces under the effect of pressure or of an unbearable heat. We simply cannot accept to live forever with a mask, we all possess deep inside us a consciousness that seeks authenticity.

Cleaning what is most intimate

Our physical body is ultimately only our grossest nature. There are much more refined elements that constitute us. Our being consists of a simultaneous combination of our body, mind, emotions and soul. When we look at the more subtle parts of our being, we realize that they are less and less palpable.

Washing the body

When we die, an embalmer can take care of making our body as presentable as possible. However, what we are is now reduced to the intangible. Our body being only the mark of our passage on earth.

Washing the head

Buddhists meditate to clean their thoughts. We are committed to cleaning our teeth every day, but what is the habit we have developed to clear our thoughts and prevent our mind from wandering?

It is our responsibility to take care of the thoughts that go through our mind every day. We can’t control everything, however, good habits for controlling our thoughts are necessary.

Washing the heart

Although emotions are the result of chemical reactions that take place in the head, the heart is its symbolic representative. Peace of heart comes from mastering our sad passions and working to improve our morality.

Washing the soul

Spiritual practices are there to cleanse the ills of the soul, it requires work, patience and consistency.

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