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Action and Reflexion, Two Principles that Shape our Life

Action and reflection

Finding balance in life is often the result of having plenty of time to think or to act upon one’s goals. Why is that?

Action can be defined as a way to materialise a task or a project. Without action, nothing tangible can be achieved. However, prior to any particular act, it is required to contemplate, to think things through to reach a level of excellence or at least a certain level of efficiency. When we think about a project we start to “sharpen our saw” and we envisage what we want. But the equilibrium between thinking and action can be difficult to reach. Indeed, some tasks require more action than thinking and vice versa.

Too much action can lead to rash behaviour which might lead to frustration because we miss our goal. On the other hand, being a deep thinker is sometimes inefficient because we are not able to materialise our goals. Being able to find the balance is key when it comes to productivity.

How do we know that we need to dedicate more time in the field of thinking?

As you start to understand, thinking means preparation, but it also means learning from our action.

If we feel frustrated and exhausted, it can be the sign of a lack of efficiency caused by a lack of preparation and learning. Several options are available to reach a balance and provide more thinking in your routine.

This is a list which can be followed to reinforce your thinking part:

– Meditation: it will help you to find the solution to some challenges you are currently facing

– Reading: there is no better way to acquire knowledge on any given subject

– Get training on a particular subject: ideal to learn a new skill

– Watch or listen to experts for those who do not wish to read

Etc., and the list goes on.

Lack of Action:

How can we know that we lack action in our life? The answer could emerge from an emotion: to have a negative thought or be in a situation of grogginess. Too much thinking, in a way, puts us in a lethargic mode. We are less dynamic than we could be. Again, some jobs or occupations need a high level of thinking, but this shouldn’t divert us from achieving the state of flow which requires a high level of commitment and action. The flow state brings a level of wellbeing and satisfaction which is on the opposite side of grogginess.

A few changes can be implemented in your routine in order to reach and express your full potential through the repetition of flow state by increasing your level of action.

– Exercise daily or practice a sport: moving your body gives you energy and fosters your focus towards your goal.

– Practice the repetition of a particular mantra that will encourage you towards action. Find one on your own. For more information, read the article referenced above.

– Find a team player: surround yourself with the right type of people, the ones who share your objectives. This is critical. When you talk to people with the same goal, you feel energised and your mind is in tune with your action. Find your dream team so you won’t slip and stay committed.

Yoga or Taichi can help you obtain, in a way, this balance between a/the meditation state and action. Get inspiration from those practices.


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