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3 Stages Of Life, 3 Commodities, 3 Stages Of Investment


Life can be broken into 3 ages that have their own ressources.

Young Age : Years Vary From One Culture To Another, But It’s Basically From 0 To 30

At this stage of life, we are in possession of lots of energy and time, but we usually are deprivated from money (the one that we earn from our work not the one inherited from our parents).

What can actually be the best investment of these two commodities? Ask yourself, if you were younger, what would you do with these precious assets?

A wise answer would be investing these assets in learning as much as you can. Early stages in life work like compound effect in investment : the earlier you invest the better are the payoffs. With all the knowledge you could acquire during these period of your life, you’ll be able to impact massively your future : learners are leaders.

The quest for knowledge can be translated into different forms, the tradditional ones : reading, attending to seminars, watch turtorials etc. and non conventional ones : traveling, practicing side activities such as programming, sport or musical intruments.

The more you learn, the better you are prepared for your future. This stage of life is also the best time to acquire great habits and routines.

Middle Age : Money, Energy But No Time

When you achieve this stage of live you may need to invest your money and energy by outsourcing so work in order to retrieve some time.
A good student of stage 1 may actually succeed in getting money and not losing his or her time by implementing automatized systems.

Old Age : Money And Time And Less Energy

A good follower of stage 1 and 2 could actually arrive at this age with a lot of energy especially thanks to a balanced diet and sport activities practised through all his or her life.

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