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Living as an Epicurean


Natural, necessary and vain desires Contrary to the dominant thought, Epicureanism is not a radical hedonism. On the contrary, it is a philosophy that focuses on living in an essentialist way, that is to say, eliminating the superfluous to achieve happiness. As such, happiness is achieved when you no longer feel the need to seek it. If you have eaten,…


Strategy And Tactics: 2 Approaches To Winning


According to its Greek etymology, strategy (derived from στρατός, stratós (“army”) and ἄγω, ágô (“to lead”)) refers to the art of preparing, directing the overall operations of a war, whereas tactics (τάσσω, tássô (“to arrange, to set in ranks”), formally derived from τακτός, taktós (“ordered”) with the suffix -ικός, -ikós. ) refers to the art of arranging troops on the…


Predestination: At The Root Of The Win/Lose Ideology


According to the Robert, predestination is a religious doctrine according to which God destines certain creatures to salvation by the sole force of his grace and dooms the others (whatever they do) to damnation. This belief is shared by several Christian denominations, notably Calvinist and Jansenist. These sects of Protestantism flourished and took root across the Atlantic where they greatly…


Nudge And Society


Nudge theory (or liberal paternalism theory), according to Wikipedia, is a concept from the behavioral sciences, political theory and economics, derived from industrial design practices, that argues that indirect suggestions can, without force, influence the motivations, incentives and decision-making of groups and individuals, at least as effectively if not more effectively than direct instruction, legislation or enforcement. Nudge acts at…


The Four Origins Of Tourism

Tourism as we know it today is a recent phenomenon, let’s take a look at what gave rise to it. Pilgrimage or religious tourism One of the first manifestations of tourism has its roots in religion. Most religions encourage a return to holy places either because it is a religious imperative, or because they contain relics or because they allow…


The Art Of Doing Nothing


Doing nothing is an art, and like any art, it is necessary to be inspired by the masters to progress. What is doing nothing? The frenetic life we all undergo in one way or another makes the concept of idleness (which gave rise to the word leisure) or non-action almost impossible. Our minds are constantly in motion. This activity finds…