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10% more aware


Opening our perspectives by adhering to the idea of being wrong Our ego is formed so that we see the world from our only perspective. We live with the intimate conviction that truth is on our side by simply experiencing a reality through the filter of our subjectivity. How can we change our way of thinking in order to access…


Choose a society that puts you at the top of its social ladder


A society is not neutral; it is the result of traditions, beliefs, particular developments, and the choices of those who govern. You may have realized that some countries emphasize one value over another. Let’s look at four values that shape four very different societies: mana, philotimo, culture, and money.  Mana: the first principle of Polynesian societies Mana corresponds to prestige,…


Levels of discussion


Know where you are at all times Some discussions can be captivating, others, on the contrary, can be harrowing. How do you explain these differences? Is there a way to “elevate” a conversation? There seem to be four levels of discussion. Let’s see what they are. Talking about people: Most often, when we talk about someone, it’s to criticize them.…


What is a failing society?


Recent events have highlighted the inequalities that persist in supposedly the world’s most advanced societies. How can we explain the persistence of abominable acts by those in power? Is it a reminder of the past? Are we all doomed to relive the injustices at the very root of the constitution of our nations? What are the healthy foundations of a…


Can we visit museums online?


Visiting a museum is a special experience. It combines both the sensible and intellectual while allowing the interaction of the two.  Why visit an online museum he can never recreate the in-situ experience? A museum is a collection of art works, it has a cultural, educational and political vocation. Its goal is to bequeath a heritage to a population so…


Listening to the weak signals

According to the website, “a weak signal is an indicator of a potentially emerging issue, that may become significant in the future. Weak signals supplement trend analysis and they can be used to expand on alternate futures.” We are not really educated to listen or look for weak signals. Our education system is designed to make us replicate the…