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Beating the Machine: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century


You may not know it, but there is a race going on, one in which you are involved, and which you may already be losing. What is that race? The race of men versus machines: the ones who are able to provide more value to the economic system live or otherwise perish. A lot of jobs are in jeopardy, it’s just a matter of time to see a massive extension in this mater. Social welfare programs will not be able to do anything for it. Translators, car drivers, radiologists are all at risk: Artificial intelligence (A.I.) and robots will remplace them. This new ecosystem (robots, Machines, Software, Computers etc.) will do the work better and cheaper, so why keep humans in the game any longer? Big companies don’t bother trying keeping human jobs, they have already invested huge sums of money to slowly but surely replace every single obsolete part of the economic machinery.

So what can we do with it? Do we really have to take AI and servers as competitors? Actually, we need to think like the Ancient Greeks… AI and machines are like the modern slaves of humans. Humans need to be savvy to remain on top of economy organization. Athens was the birthplace of democracy, but not for everyone, as women, foreigners and slaves were not allowed to vote, leaving out in some cases 90% of the whole population. But apart from that, the Greek city is a good analogy of what should do humans to serenely face the AI Revolution.

While most of the Atheanian population was mainly composed of workers (the equivalent of our robots and other AI systems), a small portion of the population (the citizens) had the time think and reflect on various subjects of life, from mathematics to philosophy. Most of the population worked to provide a living for the elite of the society, yet there was not competition between these two groups because they weren’t doing the same thing.

Deal with I.A as if it were your most faithful servant.

We humans should learn things that are not in competiton with machines, as was the case between citizens and non-citizensin Ancient Greece. We need to devote time and energy to philosophy, anthropology, sociology, biology, spirituality etc. When we deepen our understanding of mankind and the Earth’s ecosystem, it becomes actually very complicated for the machines to compete with us.

I.A Revolution is an opportunity not a threat

As you may understand, humans are facing an opportunity to get free from “borring” work – if not, machines would not be able to replace it -. This new era seems to bring all what we need to become fullfilled humans except if we are not able to free ourself from consumerist system in which we are enslaved to our own desir of possession rather than filled with a desir of achievement.

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