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Working Better Should Benefit You And Not Others

Workdays remain the same despite a steady increase in productivity over the past few decades. Wages are increasing but not in the same proportion as employee productivity. Productivity gains are filling the pockets of capital owners rather than employees. In other words, people are working more and more efficiently without getting paid for it. What is the point of working hard? It is never painless. Those who suffer the consequences first are your family and friends. They are the ones who pay for your absences and fatigue in the end. Many divorces are the fault of the bosses who pull the rope of their employees until it breaks.

After This Time Devoted To Work And To One’s Family, There Is A Little Left For Oneself

You are the most important person in your life. It is not selfish to say that. Your existence is only worthwhile because you are happy, so it is necessary to take care of yourself if you want to take care of others afterwards.

What Is The Ideal Amount Of Time For Yourself Each Day?

It depends on your temperament. Extroverts need to be with others while introverts need to spend more time alone. You know in your heart if you need to take time off to be with yourself. The question is: Can you do it?

Make Your Productivity Gains Benefit You And Not Others

In the modern world, it is often considered that greater productivity equates to greater success and increased efficiency. While these are important traits to have, it is important not to let them stress you out or lead you to ask more of yourself than from those around you.

Productivity can be achieved in a variety of ways; it is important for people to strive for the most efficient and effective methods for their particular circumstances. This can often translate into time savings, resulting in quicker and more successful completion of tasks, yet sadly, people are more often than not paid by the hour, rather than by task. This can lead to a reduced quality of work as people may be rushed in order to save money.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Negotiating with managers to be compensated based on the task they complete, and not on the hours worked, is a great way of balancing both the incentives of higher performance, with the quality of the work produced. If this isn’t possible at your current place of work, then consider looking for a job that does offer such incentives.

Not only does this provide a more equitable agreement between employers and employees, but it also incentivizes and rewards those that work hard, whilst still allowing those to work at a pace that best suits them. Consequently, the effort expended, along with the quality of the work produced, will often be greatly increased.

In conclusion, while striving for greater productivity and efficiency is important, it is also of equal importance not to put too much pressure on yourself and instead reward yourself for quality efforts. To ensure this, consider negotiating with your manager to be paid by task, or look for a job that provides such incentives. This can be beneficial for both parties and is a great way to ensure quality time is allocated to projects and tasks.

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