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Lessons Learnt From Rain


*Continuous flow of discrete droplets

Every thought, every action that we make, and every step that we take has a direction and an energy that would affect our soul and body. We are the final result of the past steps and we are building the future at the fleeting moments that we have now. We see actions as discrete particles and that’d be hard to make a clear wide view of what we are experiencing. Our heart wants to dance to one rhythm while our mind fluctuates with frequency of desires and defeats.

Rain is made up of countless unique droplets, but when you look at rain, you’d see no fracture and disharmony. They are following each other and each takes the right place and plays the role that makes a continuous flow and rhythm. That would be a blessing and uninterrupted bliss, if we could make the actions and desires, in other words the mind and the heart close to each other by purification and more attention and care. We would be like a rain in total harmony and strength made by little efforts.

*Justice without categorizing good and bad

We live like scared kids looking for safe arms and mercy, suspicious to good and evil in others. We are used to judge people and tag them by good or bad categorization, to feel more relief and to not to involve our energy with others and get away from vigilant reactions that the live flow of life needs. We calculate the benefits and the cost of being in a relationship, we calculate almost everything with the ruler of mind, even the deepest and most immaterial feelings and connections.

When it’s raining, it makes no difference for the droplets to fall on whom and where. The droplets know already their goal and know that their pure essence would be for good of all, even when it seems an outwardly harm, it will work for the ultimate good of all.

*Intensify the nature of everything sadness- bliss, good-bad fragrance

Some would feel sad during the rain, some would feel rejoiced by the rain. Even for one person rain could have different messages at different times. Despite being neutral, rain could actually mirror the feelings or intensify them. It could also intensify the good or bad fragrance of objects whether it’s a beautiful flower,fresh green grass, soil or it’s a pile of garbage.

Among us there are people whose presence acts like the rain. With their pure soul and neutral reactions to the seemingly

intense sad or happy events, they could handle more than other people could do. Any encounter between them and the ego possessed minds would make a real uneasiness and turmoil in them. And free souls bloom in ecstasy and would feel a deep presence next to them.

*Connection of sky to the earth

Raining is a symbol of the descent of mercy from heaven to earth and contains signs of the spirituality. It connects two worlds and blesses the seeds hidden inside the earth with the aspiration and the desire to grow toward the sky.

Could we be the faithful disciples of the rain, and bless the earth with our heavenly inceptions. We could live a happy diligent life, while at the same time keeping in mind that transcendent part of our beings. It means in simple language, the hands of mercy opened from heaven to the earth.

*Bridging the truth to the beyond rainbow

We are so immersed in daily life. By taking life so serious, we measure the realities around us. Meanwhile, we forget the subtle string of imagination that connects the components of this world of reality. We forget that we are the only blessed outcome of the lottery of the unlimited possibilities and probabilities of events.

Looking at the rainbow after the rain, you could cross the bridge of reality to imagination and you could step into this fascinating world behind the hard and seemingly impenetrable shell of events.

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