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We Must Suffer One Or The Other: The Pain Of Discipline Or The Pain Of Regret. Jim Rohn

I think there’s a misunderstanding of well-being because there are two forms of well-being. False Wellness First, let’s start with a chimera… This “well-being” is the one we consume every day. It is easily accessible, within reach of a click, and requires little effort to obtain. It is most often served to us on smartphone screens or in the form…


Are Production And Fulfillment Antinomic?

At first glance, productivity is built at the expense of our fulfillment. Reaching high goals implies sacrificing personal time to devote oneself fully to one’s efforts. However, there are important cultural differences between countries regarding work and between eras. Very early in Europe, especially among the Greeks, work was reserved only for slaves and therefore it was frowned upon to…


Working Better Should Benefit You And Not Others

Workdays remain the same despite a steady increase in productivity over the past few decades. Wages are increasing but not in the same proportion as employee productivity. Productivity gains are filling the pockets of capital owners rather than employees. In other words, people are working more and more efficiently without getting paid for it. What is the point of working…