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Don’t Be Too Familiar With Your Spouse

Familiarity leads to contempt… until separation.

When we enter a relationship, we do so because we are attracted to the other person and they recognize our uniqueness. There is of course the desire to unite but this must not be done at the expense of what we are. Close contact often leads to a loss of distance from the other person. This lack of distance is often accompanied by a loss of intimacy or respect for the other person. Beware, by trying to break down the boundaries between you and your partner, you could be breaking down the most precious thing about them: their self-esteem.

Love Is Also About Making The Other Person’s Self-Esteem Grow

To love is to value the other person by definition. How is it that this love can sometimes be destructive or degrading? I would say because in these cases, it is not love but lust, passion or whatever. The word love is overused, it is used to describe very different realities. True love grows the other person, it does not destroy him or her.

The Mechanisms Of Familiarity

Familiarity is often stronger in a couple than between friends. Why is this? Is it because there are more (potentially family) ties? No doubt, it is certain that the couple tolerates more things than the friendship. Extreme familiarity does not last long. Familiarity is born when we take people for granted. This is a mistake because nothing can be taken for granted. Familiarity kills attraction and ultimately kills love. It is the distance that creates attraction, you have to know how to maintain it throughout your life.

How To Avoid Familiarity In A Couple?

Intimacy is a fragile thing that requires a lot of work to preserve. It can be difficult in the midst of conflicting opinions and different wants and needs to maintain a sense of respect and mystery in a relationship. Fortunately, there are many conscious steps that can be taken to ensure both parties remain comfortable in each other’s company and the relationship maintains its overall integrity.

The first way to preserve intimacy is by adopting a respectful way of speaking. Using respectful language – such as avoiding offensive words and phrases – can promote a more positive demeanor and prevent feelings of resentment from causing rifts in the relationship. Couples should also strive to avoid using manipulative language or making ultimatums; this can create tension and make it more difficult for the couple to resolve conflicts in the long run.

Additionally, couples should strive to maintain mystery and charm in the relationship. A certain amount of mystery can cultivate mutual interest and respect and allow the relationship to continually explore new depths. Couples can do this by taking an active interest in each other, pursuing meaningful conversations, and engaging in activities together that create unique memories.

Finally, communication is key in any relationship, but it becomes especially important when trying to preserve intimacy. Regular dialogue should be encouraged between both partners in order to maintain mutual understanding and an overall safe environment. Openly expressing emotions can also help couples to grow and build bonds of trust which are essential for a lasting and healthy partnership.

Overall, preserving intimacy and the “bubble” of the other requires constant effort and mutual interest. Promoting respect and mystery between partners, as well as actively engaging in honest dialogue, can all help couples to build stronger connections and deepen the bond between them.

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