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There Are No Bad People, Only Unhappy People


We are a reflection of our inner world. A vision lacking in compassion would lead us to separate the world between two groups: the good and the kind and even more dualisms (strong and incompetent etc.). This approach to life inevitably forces us to build walls between ourselves and the rest of the world. The separation between people leads to a lack of empathy and an inability to recognise in others a little of who we are.

We are the fruit of our conditioning, our experiences and of course to a certain extent the expression of our DNA. There are, however, common aspirations within every human being, gathered around Maslow’s pyramid of needs. The inability to climb the different rungs of this pyramid can create resentment and ultimately a sense of unease. This malaise can find its expression in violence or at least a form of aggression. This is why it is important to be able to distinguish the person from his or her actions, however bad they may be, because they are the result of a form of ignorance or distress…

We have to condemn outright the injustices that humans can cause. Nevertheless, we must try to understand what could have led a being to carry out such or such an action in order to recreate a link with those who could indulge in such baseness. This link can bring inclusion and compassion into a society and can be a source of prevention, a breeding ground for better understanding.

When we are immersed all day long in negative emotions such as fear, hatred or anger, it is difficult not to act or speak in a way that is unworthy of us. When we make the deliberate choice to evolve in such emotions, we condemn ourselves to pursue a hellish path that will only lead us to more misfortune.

It is not always easy to choose benevolence or appeasement. It is good to express a certain anger without it going further than thoughts or sometimes words. Choosing not to give in to destructive emotions is the only way to create a world of harmony.

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