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There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than A Beauty That Ignores Itself


What is divine when we contemplate a landscape is that we admire at the same time a nature that is not aware of itself. The same is true for a talent that expresses itself without the awareness of this beauty interfering in the subject enjoying this gift.

Vanity appears when too many praises are pronounced against us and we end up believing in them. This one ends up withering and stunting the graces which we had.

Self-consciousness, when it is too imposing, prevents our essence from being expressed. The self-satisfaction that is consequent to a veneration of our qualities leads to the progressive loss of these same qualities.

For there to be grace, we must learn to forget ourselves. The psychic state of flow is only possible when we lose consciousness of time and of ourselves. Beauty then emerges as if by magic, like an egg that has been allowed to hatch. For our being to produce prowess, it must be one. To be presumptuous is to detach oneself from oneself. It is to extirpate oneself from one’s body to become another observer or admirer. It is to abandon the wholeness of who we are.

To cultivate grace, one must repeat gestures so that they become unconscious. It is then to live in such a way that we are this wild animal forming part of the landscape. It is in a certain ignorance of oneself that one can better express one’s quintessence.

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