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The Muscle Obsession


Why is it still so important nowadays to be muscly?

It seems that looking fit and  tough is critical when it comes to seduction. This is actually what most men assume, thus women would use mainly their reptilian brain to select the perfect match. Having a sharp body is indeed an asset for attraction, since it confers a sense of security and beauty. Also, men tend to be brainwashed by misconceptions of women’s sensitivity which makes them not really understand them most of the time.

Men and women at the end of the day live in two mentally separated worlds even though they coexist. Going to the gym makes men more disciplined, but wouldn’t be good too if they went to the library more? People sometimes forget to cultivate their inner beauty. Probably, reading a book makes someone as beautiful as a week of workout but this beauty needs to be found, being muscly is more accessible. This generation is less modest than others presumably, it doesn’t to keep some secret beauty, so what is charm? What is romance if the best is shown and the ugly hidden? What makes an encounter beautiful is that each quality of each person is unveiled little by little so you get to love the person at the end. Nowadays, it is the opposite, people are deceived falling in love with the wrong person and discovering the undisclosed flaws of the other one. Is it so because people now apply the strategies of marketing for seduction which reduces men and women simply to consumption objects?

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