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Bring value, not pleasure

bring value not pleasure

When it comes to communication and consciousness raising to a wide audience, video seems to be the hype media. Indeed, we are attending to an overwhelming phenomenon which takes youth up by conquering all their attention. Are we returning to a non-littered civilization? Probably not, but we may move back to an ideographic one in which people (especially youngsters) prefer…


The muscle obsession


Why is it still so important nowadays to be muscly? It seems that looking fit and  tough is critical when it comes to seduction. This is actually what most men assume, thus women would use mainly their reptilian brain to select the perfect match. Having a sharp body is indeed an asset for attraction, since it confers a sense of security and…


I don’t need friends, I have Youtube


We have reached an era where humans don’t need humans physically; relationships are more virtual and this trend will be accelerated. Indeed, the new technologies have created a generation of solitary people who are satisfied to be connected just with their devices. It seems that people aren’t really comfortable with real relationships: it is more painful, exhausting or awkward for them. The…


From Alpha To Phi Male (α -> φ)

From the caveman age to the one of modernity Human beings are often described as apes to understand better their behavior in a group or in any social interactions. Some theories have emerged, especially in the field of seduction, in order to understand better the interactions between opposite sexes. The issue by doing this is that we restrict analyzing the human…


Mankind Is Made for Being self-employed


Why are there so many workers depressed at work? Maybe the answer lies in our genes and our great history. Indeed, inasmuch as anthropology can explain a lot regarding our evolution and how we reach our current situation, it can also explain our current failures and mismatches with modern life. Throughout human history, people have been working mainly as hunter-gatherers,…

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