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Overtake the master


In order to make rapid progress in a field, it is necessary to follow in the footsteps of masters who have excelled in that same field either because they have had incredible results or because they have succeeded in theorizing and systematizing the steps that led them to a certain degree of excellence. The Adept Complex One of the main…


Dodging and withstanding: two essential virtues for the relationship with others


Knowing how to draw on boxing and animal defence strategies When we interact with others, we are presented with experiences that could be placed into three categories: positive, neutral or negative. Often we come out of a negative experience affected by a negative experience and invigorated by a positive one. A problem can arise when we repeatedly encounter harmful people…


Eros, agape, storgê and philia

Eros, agapé, storgê et philia

4 keys to understanding lasting couples The philosophical tradition is interesting with regard to the conception of love. For the ancient Greeks, love is an essence that can be expressed in different ways depending on whom it is expressed to. First of all, there would be the eros which corresponds to the carnal love that designates the physical attraction that…