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Dodging and withstanding: two essential virtues for the relationship with others


Knowing how to draw on boxing and animal defence strategies When we interact with others, we are presented with experiences that could be placed into three categories: positive, neutral or negative. Often we come out of a negative experience affected by a negative experience and invigorated by a positive one. A problem can arise when we repeatedly encounter harmful people…


Eros, agape, storgê and philia

Eros, agapé, storgê et philia

4 keys to understanding lasting couples The philosophical tradition is interesting with regard to the conception of love. For the ancient Greeks, love is an essence that can be expressed in different ways depending on whom it is expressed to. First of all, there would be the eros which corresponds to the carnal love that designates the physical attraction that…


6 Myths Of Love

6 Mythes Of Love

Loving is perhaps the hardest thing to do, isn’t it? Why that? Let’s discover together some common misconceptions about the issue. Let us understand the requirement that love implies. 1- Love is a feeling  To love someone, you must first know how to love yourself, which is not always easy. Often the love we are talking about is not true.…


Bring value, not pleasure

bring value not pleasure

When it comes to communication and consciousness raising to a wide audience, video seems to be the hype media. Indeed, we are attending to an overwhelming phenomenon which takes youth up by conquering all their attention. Are we returning to a non-littered civilization? Probably not, but we may move back to an ideographic one in which people (especially youngsters) prefer…


The muscle obsession


Why is it still so important nowadays to be muscly? It seems that looking fit and  tough is critical when it comes to seduction. This is actually what most men assume, thus women would use mainly their reptilian brain to select the perfect match. Having a sharp body is indeed an asset for attraction, since it confers a sense of security and…

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