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What To Do When You Want To Reset Your Life?


Life may seem like a video game: there are dangers, rewards, enemies, adventures, surprises etc. Nevertheless, it is not, life is quite different, we cannot press the “reset” button to start all over again, we must accept things even if the outcome seems more than uncertain. It is tempting to want to leave the ship to find another one. What we don’t know is that when we do this, we take our problems with us and sooner or later we will have to face them.

The urge to reset your life comes when you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with events. This feeling of helplessness pushes us to look for a way out, like a child presses the “reset” button because he knows he started the game wrong and would rather put all the chances on his side.

Challenges overwhelm us when we can’t step back and look at them from a different perspective. What if these trials were only temporary? What if our patience and determination could bring something great out of it all?

In times of despair, it is our faith that we must call upon. It is there to guide us and to bring light where we see only darkness. Difficult times are great opportunities to discover a better self, but we must move forward with faith and trust.
Wanting to press the “reset” button would be useless, we don’t know where it will lead us, the nature of the afterlife is more than uncertain in these circumstances. It is better to stay fighting, even if it means fighting alone and gritting your teeth for a long time. If you manage to get closer to God, the moments of doubt will only be transitory and bliss is within your reach as long as you manage to keep and develop the nobility of your heart.

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