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Selling Your Decency


A new lifestyle has emerged, the one of influencers. But what do they really influence? Are they aware of the negative consequences they are having on youth? Why is that so many young girls and boys just want to become famous and live without contributing to the world in a positive way? People are getting fooled, thinking that a life of pleasure and vanity really needs to be lived. How come some peoples’ main job is vanity? How can this even be possible? This trend started roughly a 15 years ago with Paris Hilton, whose only merit was to be born as an heir of a rich family. Then pretty much the same thing happened with the Kardashians’ daughter, Kim. Nowadays, people have emulated the patterns set by these individuals with success, since some of them make a lot of money out of it. Let us remind ourselves that those two aforementioned people have also been famous for some kind of scandal which was sex-related. This is a paradigm for a lot of “influencers”: they are ready to sell out their modesty, intimacy, decency (whatever you want to call it) to get a share of fame. It’s simply immoral. This behavior is also called prostitution. One of its original definitions is: to trade intimacy for money. The main issue is that millions of kids are being encouraged implicitly in this way. This is blatant when you look at new social media platforms like tiktok where kids behave in a crazy way. We should pay close attention to this because this perversion affects very young kids. Some people have come up with this formula for the value of each individual: value = health x skills x influence x money (according to Patrick Bet-David). In an economic world, this formula makes some sense. But when it comes to “real world”, the one where “honor” and “pride” have a place, there is only one parameter that matters, which is the level of integrity: Real value = level of integrity, full stop. There is no point acquiring a lot of influence, money or skill if these accomplishments don’t serve a higher purpose.

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