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Reconnecting To The Path Of Our Greatness


Life can be summed up as a series of decisions that we make like a train taking the track that the switch suggests. All these choices put together define who we are and ultimately our final destination is the mark of that reality. How do we get back to greatness when we didn’t know or couldn’t make the right choices in time? The road may be long but it is possible to recover our path if we have the strength and determination to do so.

There are crucial choices that leave a lasting mark on our lives. These decisions taken at fateful times are most often at a young age. We understand that a micro change at the beginning of a career will be more impactful like the one executed in the first moments of a rocket’s trajectory rather than at the end of its journey. This is why making the right choices at a young age requires less effort than making them later in life to achieve the same result.

Although we may not have had the wisdom or the environment to lead us on the right path, we can still make the resolution as adults to change our lives for the better. It is important to recognize the ingredients that can influence our destiny. Our friends and our job are two important elements that shape us whether we want it or not. Sometimes it is necessary to break a bad dynamic by embracing a radical path that breaks with what we have been doing until now. This quest should not be decided lightly, but when we come to a conclusion, all we need to do is summon our courage and take action. Life changes require boldness and reflection. Both ingredients are necessary in our own proportions. One compensates for the other, but both certainly have their role to play. These changes can take the form of a journey, an encounter, a project, an asceticism, etc. We need to feel pushed towards something that may impress us or even intimidate us by its novelty. This stage fright can even be a sign that we are pushing back our famous comfort zone. Nevertheless, it should not be an excuse to run away from a situation because in this case we will find it again sooner or later on our way, so we must take the bull by the horns.

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