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A Pilgrim On The Path Of Mysticism



Waking up late at night, by feeling a fire in the heart, the pilgrim goes from city to city and from one place to another in search of the breeze that puts out the fire. As the inquiry continues, the fire burns more the false identities that the pilgrim carries with herself, and the coolness of a breeze blows in her soul.

Falling in love

One day a strange event happened, and the curtain was pushed away for a moment by the breez and the pilgrim was able to see the beauty hidden behind it. In that moment of astonishment equal to eternity, she fell in love with what she saw. Not long after that, the doors were closed again. The pilgrim started to doubt and question herself again and again about the trueness and existence of what once seemed to be a blessing and enlightenment.

Knowing and cognition

Gradually by more trial and effort, and by going through many mazes, each time the ultimate showed different resplendence of itself. The pilgrim found new life and meaning again, in all the steps she took toward the precious missing light. She joined all the glances of the truth that she had the chance to take a look at it by the heart’s eye. By each new cognition, she felt more and more in love with the beauty that now was quelling in her heart by every digging of the well being.

Becoming needless

As this spring quenches the thirst of the seeker, there remains no more seeking and her being was filled with this pure presence. Her material and physical needs disappeared one after another after the surrendering and becoming immersed in the presence that pervaded her existence. Life was serving the needs and beyond these dynamics, she was in talk with the eternal presence.


Blessed pilgrim became isolated from the world for a long while, happy and intoxicated by the new found light inside her, unaware that this light is in the work of tearing the curtains inside her and collapsing the identities one after another. In this enlightening ignorance, the light spreaded everywhere. In every tear, every smile, every particle the lights began to shine, removing all shapes and borders. In astonishment the pilgrim could no more name objects other than “The Light” and couldn’t distinguish even the borders of her existence.


By starting to swim in the ocean of existence and presence, like a big whale , she became then the ocean itself, and everything that separated her from the origin became a means of joining the transcendent true essence. No one heard therefore any news of the pilgrim, but her footsteps were everywhere, and like the seed of light planted in the heart of every particle, she was waiting for guiding the next pilgrim.

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