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The light is the face of our own innocence

Innocence can manifest itself when we lose self-awareness.

The self is both our ally and our worst enemy.

The enemy is that other self that we look at with envy.

Envy is nothing but the symbol of our own lack.

Lack appears when we try to satisfy an unlimited need in something finite.

That which has clear boundaries is finite.

What is clear to some is not necessarily clear to others.

The others are necessary to become truly aware of our existence.

Existence is a relatively short period of time if we compare it to the duration of glory.

Fame is a futile pursuit if it is only there to serve the ego.

The ego is the false representation of the self.

The self is in constant mutation.

A mutation can be good or bad.

The bad is what can happen when we lack discipline.

Discipline is the expression of self-control in spite of the vagaries of daily life.

Everyday life is the metaphor of a life.

Life happens whether we like it or not.

Saying no is often the first act of resistance.

Resistance is what we must face every day if we want to reach a better version of our existence.

We can spend our existence wasting it if we do not believe in our own nobility.

Nobility characterizes an act that shows an awareness of our permanent dimension.

What is permanent is change.

Change is an eternal restart.

The recommencement characterizes the cyclic nature of things.

What we reproach to the things, it is not to be able to give an answer to the questions which our interior for knows.

To know is to apprehend a subject without mastering it.

The mastery of a science is measured by the impact it has on our character.

Polishing one’s character is a life’s work.

Life passes slowly for the one who desires.

Desire is nothing but the manifestation of the ego that does not know the true nature of happiness.

Happiness is found when you stop chasing it.

Chasing your desires is nothing but a simple flight forward.

Looking forward is not enough to be progressive, one must act accordingly.

No consequence is neutral, it always comes from an action of the same nature.

What characterizes nature is both its harmony and its punctual brutality.

Nothing is more punctual than a badly regulated clock.

To believe oneself regulated on a unique set of dogmas and beliefs can make us fanatical, whether we are religious or not.

There is only one step between faith and obscurantism.

Obscurantism is believing the lies of others to be true.

Without others, there is no society.

The ideal society is defined by the number of problems of nature that it has been able to avoid.

Sometimes avoiding a problem is more effective than fighting it directly. The problem often collapses on its own.

Even if you are satisfied with your life, you will always find someone to spoil your contentment as long as you have not anchored your happiness in the ideal, the spirit or the spiritual.

The one who knows without ever wanting to impose this wisdom on others is spiritual.

Wisdom consists in saying what we think by our actions.

The most radical actions are often the simplest.

The one who decides to eliminate everything that stands in the way of his happiness is simple.

Happiness does not consist in enjoying but in enjoying the non-enjoyment.

Enjoying is often only the expression of our full emptiness.

Emptiness exists where we have not been able to imbibe the purity of the soul.

It is in the contentment of the soul that we find the greatest delights.

He who opens himself to all kinds of delights is exposed to all kinds of torments.

What we call afflictions is often the result of a lack of self-knowledge.

It is difficult to be oneself in a society that cultivates hatred of the other.

The other teaches me to love and hate only if I give him permission.

Many times, it is difficult for us to deny someone permission to enter our personal space because we have been taught hospitality.

Hospitality is not a given, it is the choice of the host

Not everyone is a host

We always want what we already have

If you think you are too alive, you end up dead

Death does not teach us the fragility of time

Time oppresses us if we don’t manage to tame it

To tame our passions is a prerequisite if we want to move in a direction

There are not a thousand directions towards unhappiness, it is always to think ourselves smaller than what we really are

The one who submits to himself is really strong

Even with several people it is difficult to defeat a noble person of heart

The heart commands, the mind listens and moderates, the arms execute. This is where man’s wisdom lies.

Man is stronger when he has found an equal in heart on whom he can rely

Counting the days that separate us from death is useless if the hours that compose them are empty

Empty is the heart, vain is the spirit

The spirit often subjugates us more by its shortcomings than by its greatness

Greatness consists in doing small things as if they were a masterpiece

A life’s work is measured by the number of hearts that have been bandaged

It is better to heal your wounds than to think about your complaints

There are no worse complaints than refusing the gift that is given to us with a pure heart

Pure is the one who sees without judging

To judge is to sit on a throne and count the mistakes of others without seeing that they are in our mirror every morning

The morning is the time when we can best enter into intimacy with God

God honors us when he gives us a faithful wife

Faithful is the one who stays in the face of temptation because he has managed to connect with his higher self

The one who humbles himself before himself is superior

Even if you are right, it is sometimes better to be silent because silence brings an echo that no word can imitate

To imitate consists in reproducing the copy of the divine

Divine is that which cannot be reproduced without undergoing a form of corruption

Corruption begins where the good intention disappears

To disappear is easier than to wear the face of someone who no longer has a face

The face is beautiful as long as the smile is sincere

Sincerity consists in saying what you think to the one who is ready to hear it

To hear is to echo within oneself

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