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Who Are Your Spirit Parents?


We don’t choose our biological parents but we can choose the people we take as parents of conscience.

Chance or destiny has brought us together genetically with people who turn out to be different from us. The deep antagonisms that can emerge between children and parents are not neutral. They turn out to be a mutual learning process through conflict. Your parents learn from you sometimes even more than you learn from them. Our souls are not all the same age, that is why it is not rare to have children who are wiser and more conscious than ourselves. Of course we must not reverse the roles, a parent remains a parent, nevertheless we must know how to recognize the value of our loved ones, it makes us more humble and useful.

What happens when we finally find ourselves more mature than our own parents?
It is then necessary to go in search of one or more spiritual parents. They will help us to progress by showing us a more demanding path.
If we do not have this approach, we risk limiting our own development. Having an immature entourage, in a way, prevents us from developing our potential. People who fail to see and recognize our true value will tend to denigrate it and even annihilate it. This is why it is important to find an environment that allows us to express ourselves fully and thus free ourselves from a possible yoke that is a source of frustration and misunderstanding.

School plays less and less of an emancipating role. Rigid rules and undifferentiated teaching do not allow the seeds of our authenticity to flourish. Often, the potential spiritual parent is to be found elsewhere, even if it is true that exceptional teachers can sometimes play this role. The quest for parenthood can be a lifetime affair. It may be by chance meeting, by word of mouth, that we find the person who can develop our spiritual potential. It is not uncommon to go through several masters before finding the one who really suits us.

This search is rarely in vain as long as we never stop looking. Sometimes, as long as we have not found the incarnate person who can serve as our guide, we can connect through books to enlightened spirits of the past. This search for a role model is nowadays greatly deviated, the youth is looking for people they can emulate in influencers. There is no real moral progress if the relationship turns out to be mercantile. Influencers who improvise themselves as gurus often have no concern for the moral and spiritual progress of their community, even though they are undeniably talented. A good intention and a real benevolence should guide the approach of those who speak to the crowds, especially since this activity constitutes their profession.
Without moral and spiritual progress, influence is idolatry, not teaching.

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