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Being Sensitive In A World That Is Not


How can we manage on a daily basis these dozens of micro-aggressions that we receive? These small spikes thrown by strangers, these sharp looks, these critical words pronounced at random during a meeting sap our energy to the point of feeling overwhelmed. Are we condemned to follow this tendency and in turn become toxic to others? Should we resign ourselves to letting ourselves be contaminated? Is there a way out? How do we get out of it? Should we recreate a bubble or a cocoon to protect ourselves from it? If so, how do we do it?

First of all, rejoice in this sensitivity, even if at first glance it seems like a burden. If you feel more tender than the people around you, it is above all because you manage to capture what others do not see or understand. You manage to see the world also through the filter of your heart and not exclusively through the filter of your intellect. If you manage to better understand life, it is because you have not yet resigned yourself to closing your heart, even if it means regular disappointments.

Protect your heart as one protects an infant from the rain.

You cannot naively expose yourself to the malevolence of others; you must know where you are stepping. We do not have an unlimited reservoir of attention, energy, benevolence or simply time at our disposal towards others. Let’s be reasonable, we must know how to preserve ourselves and be aware of our limits so as not to exhaust the resources of our being. There is a range of things to do on a daily basis to ensure a healthy restoration of our capital of attention, energy or motivation. Eating well, sleeping well and maintaining constructive thoughts are essential to avoid getting caught up in a spiral of negativity. This rational approach allows us to fill up our tank on a daily basis, while at the same time not wasting our energy unnecessarily, for example in futile tantrums. We must know how to give, but without ever making this gift a source of exhaustion.

There is a higher level that one can reach, but it implies adhering to the existence of a universal intelligence from which one could draw more strength.

Be like the sun: the way of the masters

When you manage to cultivate an important vibratory level, whether it is through prayer or meditation, you can transform yourself into a little star – that’s what they say, I’m far from having realized this myself. Your warmth can emanate and you will be able to positively transform the level of consciousness of the atmosphere around you by your simple presence. You will, of course, be less influenced by what surrounds you because you will position yourself as if you were perched high up, contemplating others without their toxicity reaching you. This level can only be achieved at the price of a long interior work. It is not given to everyone because it is demanding and can seem tedious. Nevertheless, if you make a daily effort of purification, you may not transform yourself into the sun, but you will manage to put more and more light where previously darkness would have triumphed. Do your part to make this world a little brighter, and never disdain your contribution, however humble it may be.

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