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5 Reasons For Procrastination

Procrastination is a widespread evil, we let it infiltrate our daily lives without warning. Let’s see 5 reasons that can explain its manifestation.


Most often, we procrastinate unconsciously. This can result from a lack of clear objectives to achieve on a daily basis, which leaves us distracted by all the tasks that come our way. The impression of being busy is misleading, as it is often a mask for our procrastination. We’re busy answering emails, making phone calls, doing little things here and there, but it doesn’t move us forward on what’s important to us. Being too busy can therefore be a symptom of inefficiency at work, especially due to a lack of discernment.

Laziness or lack of strategy

Human nature naturally tends to minimize effort. This results in our greater propensity to avoid difficult tasks and actions. More often than not, we feel helpless by a project that seems to be a mountain for us, so we prefer to avoid it. To overcome this problem, it is necessary to divide a project into infinitesimal tasks which, in fact, may seem insignificant. Then, each of these tasks must be tackled diligently and consistently.

Lack of support

Working is like war, you do better with allies. To overcome difficult tasks, it is important to surround yourself with people who share the same goals. These people can provide a support group to rely on during difficult times.

Lack of concentration

Getting work done requires three essential resources: time, energy and attention. The more we are able to focus these three resources towards a single goal, the more likely we are to succeed in an area. However, we are often poorly organized, which leads us to misallocate these valuable resources for success. This is why an inventory is sometimes necessary. It will serve to put the priorities in the right order.

Not listening to your inner voice

It also happens that we force ourselves to do something, but we don’t like it. This incompatibility can take various forms: the job we have chosen, the work environment, the sector of activity, etc. When you feel deep down that you are not doing something that suits you, it is difficult to give the best of yourself. Procrastination can also be linked to a dislike of our work. Often, we can be stubborn until a turning point comes when we realize what was wrong. To remedy this problem, we need to give ourselves time to reflect each day. We need to create mental space, so that unconscious thoughts become conscious. This can be through walking, meditation, playing an instrument and many other things.

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