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The power of secrets

Secrets are more than just words exchanged between people, they serve to seal a friendship or a relationship like a chest that seals a priceless treasure.

The test of secrecy

Because secrets are difficult to keep, they have a very specific purpose: to test those we value. Just as iron is strengthened by fire and carbon, friendship also needs to be tested to make it as hard as steel.

Secrecy is shared vulnerability

When we confide a secret, we give another a part of our vulnerability. It is like entrusting a small, fragile bird that you care about. If the person to whom we entrust it manages to take care of it, this bird will become big and strong like our friendship. Conversely, if this secret is betrayed, it will mean the death of the bird, the death of trust and the possibilities of a greater friendship.

A relationship needs to evolve if it is to be maintained

In friendship as in love, stagnation is synonymous with death. Those who fail to evolve their relationship face the inevitable demise of what they thought they had built. Essentially a relationship is like an airplane, if it treads water, it crashes.

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