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Can you feel the soul of people?

An important daily skill

Knowing how to recognize someone’s “vibrational level” is essential when you want to give someone your full trust and when a wrong choice would have negative consequences on your life.

We all have a soul but we don’t all take care of it. We sometimes choose to break away from our spiritual identity in pursuit of prosaic goals. In doing so, we lose a little more of our light every day until we are completely empty.

The soul is the spark of life

The soul is what makes our eyes vibrate and animates our hearts when we look at the world. To preserve this spark of life, there are two important things to do. First, we must recognize that we all have souls and it is up to us to take care of them. Secondly, we must work to keep our soul alive so that it shines brightly. To do this, we must stick to a daily routine that consists of praying or doing good in conscience around us.

A fulfilled soul is the key to happiness

Your soul needs to feel in harmony. To do this, you must not create a gap between your actions and that is conducive to harmony. If you commit actions that go against this idea, your soul will no longer feel comfortable in your body and a conflict may emerge leading to a form of malaise. A soul is like the inhabitant of a house: if the house is neglected, i.e. dirty or noisy, it is obvious that the tenant will want to leave. If you neglect your body, your emotions, the quality of your thoughts and actions, your soul will let you know and create discomfort. But if you keep this bad habit for too long, your soul will stop manifesting and you will vegetate at a level that will make people around you unhappy.

Get into the habit of noticing the effect of people’s souls

Every encounter creates a special feeling. When you are in the presence of someone, you will manifest particular emotions as your 2 souls feel each other. It is as if you had a warm body in the presence of a cold body, each will be influenced by the presence of the other so that they find a point of balance. This is why it is good to observe your emotions when you meet someone, it will give you an indication of the “warmth” or kindness of the soul you are meeting. If you are for example sad, uncomfortable or pessimistic in the presence of someone, it is probably because this person has these ideas deep inside of him or her. The more time you spend with them, the more they will “infect” you. Conversely, if you feel cheerful or enthusiastic, it is probably because this person has these qualities and can make you more positive if you decide to spend more time with them.

Note: you don’t have to talk to this person, their simple presence or their look could be enough to probe their soul

Each emotion corresponds to values

Where you have to be vigilant is that these emotions that are generated in the presence of this person are indicators of a mode of functioning that can be sometimes beneficial, sometimes malicious. Below you will find the emotions corresponding to a level of consciousness.

By looking at this image, you will notice that we oppose 2 notions: strength and power. Those who are in a logic of strength will tend to want to humiliate, attack, criticize or harass others. They do it most often in an unconscious way. To summarize, we would say that they are in this “win/lose” logic. On the other hand, those who manage to find strength within themselves are in a power logic, i.e. “win-win”. They don’t need to bully others in one way or another to feel happy. Needless to say, it is better to give your complete trust only to the second group. For those who are in a logic of “strength”, one can of course trust them, but within a limited framework, at the risk of suffering the consequences. One must also love them and help them as much as one can, without going to the point of sinking oneself and finding oneself helpless in turn.

What happens when you are in a logic of “force”?

If you are looking for domination, it is probably because you have put your soul aside. From the moment you decide not to listen to your soul in your most trivial choices, you enter into a hellish behavior which consists simply in “stealing energy” from others by all means. The power consists in using a divine means to recharge your batteries.

Take a cure

If you think that you are in a “power” logic yourself, you need to undertake a detox of sorts. Ideally, you should get out of the harmful environment you are in and learn to find your strength in another way. There are less unfair ways to find your power and recharge. You will need to take care of your soul again, which may involve some form of asceticism or withdrawal from the world. You reconnect to “atmic” values, i.e. harmonious values such as generosity, benevolence, forgiveness, sacrifice, giving or truth. For your soul to be comfortable in your body again, it will be necessary to modify your actions and go up the slope little by little.

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