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The Art Of Being Good


The child is naturally predestined to act kindly to those around him. How then can we see that the vast majority of adults are no longer driven by the desire to do good, but rather by their own personal interest?
It is necessary to understand that we are subject to defilements throughout our lives that make us forget who we were at our youngest age. Are we soiled by the adult world or is it in the order of things to become pragmatic and selfish in the end?

If we start from a spiritual approach, we could say that the newborn is closer to universal intelligence than the adult who has led a longer incarnated and immanent life. Also, one could say that the baby’s goodness proceeds from a purity which he will enjoy as long as the adult world has not totally corrupted him.

If one presupposes that goodness proceeds from purity, one must foresee the practices necessary to maintain it. By way of universal principles, we could cite two injunctions proclaimed by the great majority of spiritual currents which are nevertheless transgressed by adults in their daily lives.

Do not tell lies

Do not harm your neighbour (humiliate, do or wish harm to others, etc.).

What must be considered here is that since we live in more or less atheist societies, people find themselves helpless when faced with the inability to tap into universal energy. This lack of education in the self-regeneration of our vital energy means that we can transform ourselves into toxic people who inappropriately seek out energy, even though it is available if we make the effort to purify it. These inappropriate ways consist of finally stealing energy from other people in unworthy ways such as humiliating, assaulting (verbally or physically), intimidating, questioning, being indifferent or complaining. All of these means are in fact the result of a poorly developed level of well-being or consciousness and an inability (or often ignorance) to rise, which is why these people should not be blamed but rather treated with compassion (even if it is not always easy!).

What emotion dominates your mind on a daily basis?

Look at this scale of emotions classified by level of consciousness, it is taken from the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins. Where do you stand? Make your own analysis.

In order to climb the scale of consciousness and be happy (yes, there is a direct correlation between level of consciousness and happiness), I recommend that you get closer to a spiritual current at your convenience. The latter will offer you a holistic and coherent approach aimed at raising your level of consciousness and regaining your purity as a child. Nevertheless, I can give you some ideas of practices that can help you as of today:
Pray for the good of the people around you or even strangers (whether you like them or not).
Be aware of the intention behind each of your actions, if it is wrong, refrain from acting.
Reflect on the deadly sins (anger, greed, envy, pride, gluttony, acedity – laziness towards spirituality, lust) and see how you can move away from the stains on your being that they represent.

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