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Life is a marathon: taking care of the 3 dimensions of being


A hectic life is what is touted everywhere, whether in movies, contemporary music or social networks. But is living at a hundred miles an hour really reasonable? Are we made for permanent intensity? Isn’t there a risk of losing our skin or our soul?

Let’s see all the reasons that push us to slow down and reconsider our relationship with time. If we had to sum it up in one sentence, it would be the following: it is better to consider life as a marathon rather than a sprint at the risk of damaging ourselves. There are 3 dimensions of being: the body, the mind and the heart, let’s see how to think about the preservation of these three jewels.

The body

This is our vehicle. It protects us, it houses our intellect and our soul. If we want to travel a long distance with it, we should take care of it, as we would with a car. The body needs 3 essential things: rest, nutritious food and exercise. If you can maintain a subtle mix of these three ingredients every day, you can go far. As the saying goes, he who wants to go far, spares his mount.


As a general rule, 8 hours of sleep is an ideal that few people achieve, unfortunately. By reducing the number of daily hours you sleep, you expose yourself in the long run to undesirable effects such as an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, stroke, certain cancers (breast cancer and others) or senile dementia. It is therefore not insignificant to sacrifice one’s sleep on the altar of the race for money.


There is nothing more to say on this subject, I imagine that you have already been made aware of the risks associated with a diet that is too rich in sugars or bad fats in particular. Diet plays an essential role in life expectancy.

Physical exercise

By exercising, you stimulate your cardiovascular system and secrete happiness hormones. This alone increases your longevity and affects your well-being, i.e. both your mind and your heart.

The mind

“The mind is like a parachute, to function, it must remain open. I would add that the mind needs to be challenged throughout life to avoid depression or cognitive degeneration. The repetition or monotony of a job can sometimes create a form of dullness that makes it difficult to express any form of creativity on a daily basis. If you can’t express your creativity, you limit your ability to progress in your mind.

This dimension of the being is generally well worked in certain fields, that said, certain fields of the spirit are neglected today. Thus, everything that does not bring immediate benefit is despised or shunned. However, there is a real interest in exploring new fields that do not have direct benefits. First of all, one develops more of an attitude of doing things for pleasure and not for interest. When one follows one’s instincts by engaging in activities that one is passionate about, without the possibility of some kind of gain, this is actually most often how one best develops one’s mind. A mind, ideally, functions as a free electron: the less limited it is, the more it develops. Finally, in order to keep the mind in its best state until the end of its life, we must give it the chance to think like a child: not to put any barrier in its curiosity and to let it create all the time. It is when he stops being an artist or a player that our mind starts to decline.

The heart

The heart, here we must hear, our emotions and our soul. When we make choices that are morally reprehensible, in the long run, we diminish our spiritual capital. While we may gain in the short term from our lies and other bad actions, we are diminished esoterically. Ultimately, what happens is that we reduce the quality of our aura. The aura is a kind of invisible body. The purer it is, the more it acts as a protective bubble. Conversely, the more it is tainted by our bad thoughts or actions, the more permeable it is to malicious attacks. This is commonly known as the law of karma. When you act badly, you damage without realizing it your aura which in the long run will not be able to protect you as well. To protect your heart and therefore your aura, you must apply virtue on a daily basis. Of course, this can be done at the expense of immediate gains. Yet, if you have the patience to wait, you will manage to reap these gains a hundredfold, most often in the form of joy, serenity, peace or elation.

To summarize:

  • Life is not a sprint, but rather a long-distance race.
  • It is essential to think right now about preserving the 3 jewels we have: the body, the mind and the heart.
  • The good condition of the body is conditioned by 3 things: food, rest and physical exercise.
  • The mind behaves like a free electron, it needs space for its creative and artistic dimensions to express themselves.
  • The heart is the symbol of the seat of the soul. Through virtue, we can preserve its qualities.
  • The more the heart is cared for, the more it provides a protective aura from malevolent entities.
  • Preserving the heart means making choices for the long term, in this life and the next.
    In the long run, preserving the heart means preserving joy, serenity and peace.

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