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Batman or the Superpower of Money

Batman is one of the few superheroes without any superpowers. This fact would make him similar to the average person, causing us to forget that he is anything but ordinary. Batman inherited a vast fortune following the death of his parents. This fortune makes him a much more real superhero than others, showing us how money can give one wings.

Batman, Both Real and Distant

At first glance, it may seem easier to identify with Batman because he is arguably the most human of all superheroes. He doesn’t come from a distant planet, nor was he bitten by a special spider. His genetic makeup is essentially the same as ours, yet what distinguishes him from other humans is that he can buy almost anything he desires, actually being a billionaire hiding behind a dark costume. His highly equipped car, his mansion with a customized basement, his butler, and his personal martial arts trainers—all these assets give him an unmatched advantage over his contemporaries. Indeed, Batman embodies, in many ways, the life of the real world which sees the possibilities that money offers to dominate the earthly realm. Without money, Batman would not be Batman but rather an ordinary person whose skills could not have been developed.

Batman or the Triumph of Possession

Superheroes are what they are because they are truly different from humans; most of them are not humans but aliens or demigods according to the references we have. Batman is indeed human, but by possessing a fortune, he was able to become something he was not. Owning a treasure allowed him to shape his story and equip him with all the necessary gear to fulfill his heroic ambitions.

Batman or the Impossibility of Identification

Since it is possession that shaped Batman’s success, he ultimately becomes the superhero with whom we can least identify, unlike other characters imagined by comic book artists. The notion of a superpower can be a metaphor for the gift, talent, or personal inclination that everyone possesses and just needs to be honed. While we may not aspire to be invisible or fly through the air, we can all work on a natural inclination that can make a difference among our contemporaries. Superheroes are more accessible than one might think, unlike Batman, who reminds us of a reality that is both bitter and profound.

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