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If You Are Searching, Your Misery Only Half Afflicts You

Only dead fish go with the flow…

We all complain at some point about something: we want more money, better health, no longer being alone, etc. This complaining attitude is also synonymous with passivity: by focusing on what we don’t have, we forget what we already have, and this can paralyze our actions. Complaining is like being that dead fish drifting along, following the river’s course. If our thoughts are negative, it’s as if we lose our soul; if they are positive, our soul reinvests in our body, and we can overcome challenges.

The quest is the very meaning of life

We are always born fragile, sometimes frail, and certainly dependent. The path to adulthood is a daily conquest. Of course, it can take the form of a game if we look at the pleasant moments of existence. If we are a bit more cynical, we realize that life is a succession of stages to overcome and that we can leave the game at any time without warning. We are born with attributes and potential, but for them to express themselves, we must work at it. Hard work will allow us to escape our condition and become what we could best be; it all depends on our environment and, most importantly, on our will. This contrasts somewhat with the tree seed, whose development depends only on the quality of the soil, sunlight, and humidity levels. If life is a quest, it is unreasonable to complain: we are born into lack, everything must be conquered, little is acquired. Those who complain about not having or not being have not yet understood the very meaning of life and this fundamental rule: to live is to conquer or build.

Since everything must be built or conquered, those who dominate their peers adopt either the mentality of a builder or a conqueror

Those who win at a game are usually those who know the rules and develop the necessary qualities to win according to those rules. One can win inadvertently, but it is quite rare, and one can never win consistently inadvertently. Winning at life makes no sense in an absolute sense, but through the prism of society, there is a real sense of victory due to the hierarchy (implicit or explicit) and power games with more or less objective indicators to testify to one’s rank in this mediated space (wealth, social status, recognition, prestige, or influence, etc.). In this societal vision, the mentality of a builder or conqueror can be a definite asset.

The mentality of a builder

Becoming an adult is an identity to be constructed. Before materializing in the body, it must materialize in the mind. This is the famous involution before evolution. Being a builder means being in a perpetual state of change, which is one of the very principles of life.

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