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What Is A Failing Society?


Recent events have highlighted the inequalities that persist in supposedly the world’s most advanced societies. How can we explain the persistence of abominable acts by those in power? Is it a reminder of the past? Are we all doomed to relive the injustices at the very root of the constitution of our nations? What are the healthy foundations of a society that are deemed to be non-defaulting?

Of course, it is difficult to answer such a question simply because a society focuses on one set of values; in doing so, it chooses to neglect the opposing values. Thus, a society that chooses secularism cannot claim spiritual values and vice versa. The same applies to countless situations. However, there is an antagonism common to all societies which is in itself an indicator of progress: the relationship between freedom and equality.

A functional society succeeds in striking a balance between the two values of equality and freedom. On the contrary, a failing society is too polarized on one of these values, resulting in unrest and suffering for its citizens.

Is the cursor the same from one generation to the next?

It would appear that no, technological advances, for example, give more freedom, which must be compensated for by advances in the field of equality.

The balance between these two values is always unstable in a changing world, which explains why a society cannot be fixed at a given time otherwise it will start to reverse this relationship and become polarized on one of these two values.

In a way we can compare these changes to the movement of the Moon, the Moon revolves around the Earth, which in turn revolves around the Sun. The balance is maintained because the Earth is not a fixed landmark. However, today’s societies (the Moon) act as if their cursor is engraved in marble (the Earth), i.e. static and independent of the profound changes that are taking place in society (the Sun). If the Moon does not take into account the attraction of the Sun, it cannot evolve properly around the Earth. Similarly, if societies do not constantly readjust their freedom/equality slider to take into account the profound changes that are going on in their societies, they will create injustice and suffering because they will become too polarized on one of these values.

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