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Take Care Of Your Aura


Your aura is your spiritual garment, it is the reflection of your inner state and especially of your level of consciousness. The more spiritually developed you are, the stronger and more radiant your aura will be. When you encounter difficult situations that annoy you, your auric garment gets dirty, which is why it is necessary to clean it daily. Just as a dirty garment no longer protects you from impurities, so does the auric garment for your energy level. If you have been affected or contaminated, it will no longer be able to protect you from external aggression. This explains the necessary daily washing which takes various forms such as body cleansing, healthy eating, rest, prayer or meditation. If you take care of your aura, it can cleanse or positively affect the aura of those around you. Thus, auric hygiene is anything but a selfish act since by taking care of your energy level you are taking care of the energy level of those you meet.

It is necessary to be aware of the attacks or micro-aggressions of which one can be a victim. The idea is to be able to react positively, with awareness so that you remain in control. We must trust that when faced with an aggression, we can always “recharge” ourselves in the evening, otherwise we will not be able to react generously because we will find ourselves powerless in the face of those who undermine our energy and finally unable to recover what we have lost. However, we must know how to block deliberate aggressions that pose a threat to our own well-being because our aura may take time to recover. In the face of “these energy thieves”, we must know how to be firm and adopt an unequivocal stance: block or deflect the attack.

You can deflect the attack by firmly opposing the person who obviously wants to humiliate you, abuse you or disrespect you. In some situations, the best parry will be avoidance: you don’t have to linger in the face of individuals who are only looking for conflict. In any case, you must react in such a way as to protect your auric capital so that you do not have to do too much hygiene work every night. When you have learned how to manage these energy expenses and how to recover them, you will live more fulfilling lives and be able to face greater and greater challenges. Good luck on this path, it may seem difficult at times, but it is worth the effort.

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