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From Contradiction Comes Complexity 

Simplification is the work of geniuses or simpletons. What strikes me most in our time is the great tendency to simplify everything. Conspiracy theories are an attempt to simplify the causality of events, even when this often leads us further from the truth. The human mind struggles to grasp contradictions. Yet, it is from these contradictions that complexity and depth…


What is honesty?

You want to implement radical honesty because you think it can make you happier. First of all, you need to define precisely the contours of honesty at the risk of falling into pitfalls you hadn’t anticipated. Honesty is a skill Honesty can be learned the way you learn to code. If you don’t make a conscious choice to be more…


How to convince in writing

Here is a video I came across. It explains the steps to follow in order to sell or convince in writing. This art is called copywriting. It was particularly popular in the United States during periods when the way to prospect for new customers was mainly by mail. Today, everything happens on the internet, of course, but the principles remain…