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You must put your defects at your service

Want to know the voices of happiness?

I share with you this synthetic mind map that gives you 4 ideas of how to be happier. Have a good read

Flaws are not what we think they are

The main problem is not that you have flaws, but that they are the ones that drive you.

Personality vs. individuality

You have two dimensions, one divine (your individuality), the other secular (your personality). The personality seeks to take, to satisfy a need, while the individuality is luminous and seeks to give.

When we were younger, we had an easy time expressing our individuality. As we grow up, our personality takes over and we are more driven by it.

The problem is that by letting our personality rule us, we become toxic to others. We end up only seeking our own personal gain, despite being able to coat our intentions in the best possible way.

Don’t try to suppress the personality

You might be tempted to think that you need to suppress your personality. This is a mistake, otherwise you risk leading a hermit’s life that will not benefit many people. You must put your personality at the service of your individuality. Why should you do this?

Because your personality can be a great engine to energize your individuality.

Personality is fuel

You probably have flaws like everyone else. Maybe you are vain, angry or have a strong sexual energy? All of these things, if misused, can cause irreversible damage. If you give in to your natural inclinations, you will do a lot of harm to those around you and to yourself. It is not wise to give free rein to your weaknesses.

The race for wealth

Very often, people seek success only to satisfy their weakness. That’s why it’s important to put into perspective the motivations behind any quest. Ask yourself: What are you really looking for behind this project?

If the motivations are not so noble, it is better that you revise your copy.

How can you put your personality at the service of your individuality?

You can’t change your personality. If you are angry or conceited, it will be difficult to change you. However, you can change the reasons for your anger or your vanity. Instead of getting angry because you feel insulted or neglected, use that anger to fight injustice or defend the poor. Are you conceited? On what is this vanity based? If it’s about your beauty or intelligence, change that. Instead, go activate that feeling when it comes to evaluating how you are able to change the world for the better. Do you have a lot of sexual energy? Well, you can put that energy flow to work for a noble cause, it’s called sublimation. You don’t need to unload sexually to use your libido. For too long, nations have martyred their sexually energetic youth. Instead of occupying them in building peace, youth have often been employed in war. Sexual energy can be transmuted into noble work, even if it may seem exhausting and demanding. Simply put this energy to work for your individuality, that is, for your divine greatness.


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