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What Is A Yellow Vest?


He (or she) could be you and or me. They play within the rules but they realize that people who rule them don’t. A yellow vest is someone who doesn’t know exactly where he or she wants to go. However, a YV knows that he no longer wants to head for in the same direction.
A YV is in demands for change, power, and democratic control mainly. He doesn’t intend to make a revolution but if he has to, he’s not against the idea. A YV has been believing for decades in his democracy, but now he knows that he has been fooled. He wants to shut up or speak when he is asked to. A YV, rebels against a system that was created against monarchy and the old regime because he realized that this very new system has created a class of aristocracy for whom privileges have become obvious Maybe, it’s easier to live in a society which defines itself as unequal rather than living in one that pretends to be fair but actually it is not.

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