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What do champions tell us?


Some lessons learned from watching those who do better than others

Adopting the mindset of a dream team member

How to become an essential part of a team The initial selection of team members is the most important factor in the success of a team. After this stage, there is one essential element to becoming a group that surpasses all others. The right mindset to have is the second most important aspect to make a difference. What are the characteristics?

Think of yourself as a difference maker

A winning team cultivates conflicting characteristics to succeed. The first is that you are committed to your team and are somewhat willing to die on the field for them. The second characteristic is that you have a strong belief that your personal efforts will make all the difference. This is the opposite of thinking that you can rely on the rest of the group. If each individual believes that their commitment and hard work makes THE difference in the group, you have in fact got a team that exudes monumental strength. This is paradoxical in itself: for a group to be successful, it is necessary to use an individualistic or even narcissistic psychological lever.

Once determined, tomorrow victorious

The laws of causality are implacable: a given action causes a particular consequence. The same is true for those who seek victory: one must develop a certain state of mind that could be associated with determination.

To find victory, one must not seek it directly

Another paradox is the search for a particular result. Achieving a goal is often about changing our being. It is only when we change our being that we will be able to reach the corresponding goal. If you want to excel at guitar, it is much more effective to develop the habit of practicing every day rather than just visualizing yourself performing on stage.

Be lenient on what is incidental and uncompromising on what is paramount

Those who dominate their discipline have developed the ability to distinguish the essential from the incidental. This ability is very useful to them because it allows them to allocate their resources in an optimal way, i.e., to focus their attention and energy on the important and to neglect the rest. This discernment is also a way to be able to rest properly and even to display a nonchalant attitude most of the time.

Don’t be a snob but know how to be detached

What is surprising about champions is their simplicity, the one with which they approach the world. Because their minds are focused on their art, they don’t really have time to think about their navel. They generally approach the world without ego. Those who get “big-headed” don’t perform well in the long run. This lack of snobbery does not prevent them from being detached and even seeming disconnected from others at times.

Life is not a soap opera

Since they choose to live from the perspective of simplicity, they obviously refuse to be dramatic or to let themselves be carried away by negative emotions. They are able to control their emotions. It is this ability that gives them an advantage over most people.

A notebook to record ideas and improve

Memory is not infallible. Having a small notebook with you is always a good idea when you don’t want to lose the best ideas that come to mind during the day. It’s in the details that you make the difference, so it’s more than necessary to get used to writing down all those things that could help you be 1% better every day. Of course, you can write these ideas down on your cell phone, but handwriting is an added bonus to help you remember what you write.

Fall down but always get up

A baby learns to walk by falling. An adult learns to improve by making mistakes. However, you don’t have to make these mistakes yourself, you can learn from the mistakes of others! Nevertheless, sometimes we have to make the mistake ourselves in order to understand it and learn from it.

Stylizing your life

In order to win, you have to know how to free yourself from certain shackles. This implies to design one’s life by drawing inspiration from others, while letting what we are express ourselves in the manner of a painter who reproduces on canvas a nature that is imprinted with his look and his brush stroke.

Simplify and eliminate

Being efficient could be summed up as making better use of our time, our energy and our attention. These three resources, we possess more or less in equal quantities at the beginning. Life robs us more or less of these resources if we are not careful. In order to keep these three resources intact, we have to deliberately set out to do two things daily: simplify and eliminate. If you can make this a habit, you will be able to best preserve these 3 elements.

Strip and maintain your tools

You can tell a good craftsman by his tools. The same is true for top athletes, employees or entrepreneurs who excel in their field. Your tools are an extension of who you are when you are at work. A footballer without cleats on a soccer field is not really a footballer, so we must take care of the objects that allow us to express our art as much as our body.

Reconnect with your celestial entity

You are more than a body, a skill or even a spirit. You are a star from the sky that has been incarnated for a lifetime on earth. It is up to you to make your true celestial nature shine again. To do this, put your heart and soul into everything you do. Over time, you will have the power to change what you touch into gold, it just takes a little patience and a little persistence.

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