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Judge yourself by the child you once were

The truth comes out of the mouths of babes, they say, doesn’t it? So, from this saying, one could say that we were all once a wise and sensitive person. Why not draw on that distant yet close being we once were to make the right decisions as adults?

The Child Has An Advantage Over The Adult

The child comes from a world of purity and has not yet been polluted by the defilement of the adult world. This gives him the advantage of being able to see things with more clarity. This clarity is the basis for all good decision-making. What about a ship sailing in the fog, without radar or landmarks? It would be in no position to make any good decisions, or at least it would never be sure that its decision would be the best one. The same is true for adults who sometimes move forward in a blur in search of their North Star. What if that star is simply not the child they once were?

Consult That We Once Were

Since you cannot by definition talk directly to the person you were when you were 5, you will need to create memories or memory anchors that will allow you to artificially recreate that discussion. Is there a memorable memory that appeals to all your senses that will allow you to easily go back in time to think and see the present world through your child’s eyes? It is not easy. Childhood is buried deep in our memory and it is difficult to extract clear memories most of the time. Practice until you can reconnect with a pure moment that will serve as a guide later.

What To Do Once You Have Captured This Moment?

Once you have connected with the person you were decades ago (you can use photos or videos if that helps), you now need to identify the dominant positive emotion and magnify it so that it completely permeates you. It could be wonder, joy or even nostalgia. Don’t let yourself be totally overwhelmed by nostalgia, as it is not the actual emotion you felt as a child, but rather the awareness of the distance in time from that moment.

Soak In Purity To Look At The World Differently

Once you have been able to reconnect with this purity, stay immersed in it for a while. The energy must “soak you to the core”. Once this is done you can begin to look at the world in a new way and you will have the height to make better decisions.

Connect Regularly With The Child You Once Were So You Don’t Lose Who You Are

Connecting regularly with the child that once inhabited our bodies as a way to remain grounded in who we are is a thought-provoking concept. As adults, we often strive to be the best version of ourselves—to rise to the top in our careers and relationships, to excel at managing our finances or raising a family, and to be mindful of our health and wellbeing.

However, despite our best efforts to ensure our personal and collective success, we can easily lose track of the person we once were and the dreams and ambitions that drove us to become the capable adults we are. We can become so absorbed in the demands of our lives that we sometimes forget the beauty and wonder that once drove us.

One effective way to stay connected to the people we once were is to reconnect with similar activities and experiences that brought us great joy. By engaging in activities such as art, music, lunch with an old friend, or a walk in nature, we can transport ourselves back to a time when our primary goal was simply to experience the joy of being alive. When we rekindle these experiences, we can start to remember the individuals we used to be, the dreams we had, and the values that are still true to this day.

Connecting regularly with the child we once were can also foster a sense of nostalgia and comfort. By reminding ourselves of the precious memories formed with friends and family, we can access feelings of love, joy, and security. This also helps us stay connected to the values that guided us in our youth, such as loyalty, kindness, and self-confidence.

Finally, reconnecting with the child we once were can help create a sense of identity, purpose, and belonging. By nurturing the aspects of our personality that made us unique, we can re-engage with aspects of the self that over the years have faded away, particularly the those related to taking risks, pushing our boundaries, and expressing ourselves.

It is easy to become so focused on the demands of adult life that we forget the child we once were – and that’s ok. We all face moments when we don’t recognize the person in the mirror, but by taking the time to reconnect with our former selves, we can reawaken dormant parts of our souls and regain our sense of self.

If You Judge Yourself By Putting Yourself In The Shoes Of The Child You Once Were, You Will Avoid The In-Between Position You Sometimes Find Yourself In When It Comes To Making Decisions. There Is A Certain Radicality In The Purity Of Childhood.

We all have an inherent connection to our childhoods, particularly to when we were most carefree and naive. Although our experiences since then have shaped how we approach life, it is important to remember our absolute state of youth, which is often illustrated by the purity of our mind and the unconditional innocence of our hearts.

As adults, we tend to view the world through a more sophisticated, yet varied lens. This wealth of knowledge and understanding of the nuances of life can lead to an internal dialogue, resulting in an in-between position when making decisions.

This is why, as adults, we have to sometimes take a step back, if only for a moment, and take a mental time machine back to our childhoods; to remember that the mindset we developed then still often applies today, no matter how much the world has changed. If we judge ourselves, the choices we make and the decisions we dare to take, through the eyes of a child, the answer to our questions can be found in the simplicity and honesty of our past.

Although, at times, we may find ourselves caught between two minds and reach no conclusion, it is important to embrace the beauty of childhood without stifling our senses of adulthood. A balance of both, attitudes, a merging of the two realms is necessary to understand the weight of decision we make.

By embracing the radicality of being a child, we can strive to understand maturity, and all its complexities, more wisely and completely free of inhibition, judgement and fear of failure. The decisions made as a child are based on gut feeling and a sense of truth that should never be overridden. If we can learn to channel this balance into our decisions—to view the world through our innocent, yet conscious wisdom—we can be sure that the decisions we make will assemble us for a life of clarity and assurance, which will pave a path for our future successes.

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