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Are You Comfortable With Yourself?


Contemporary ills are partly rooted in unhappiness or self-hatred. Solving the enigma of depression or loss of meaning would necessarily contribute to a common good.

Being good to oneself implies not running away from oneself. The will to be always busy, to be busy with the smallest task that would increase our productivity is symptomatic of our time. We are efficient, we optimize our time, finally to invest it in even more optimization. The impossibility of living in the present moment illustrates our inability to be in harmony with ourselves. When we worry about being busy all the time, we may also be avoiding issues or concerns that annoy us. That said, action can have a therapeutic effect. Action creates a momentum that can transform negative thoughts into positive ones because this process improves self-esteem.

We feel more comfortable with ourselves when we see ourselves doing many things. On the other hand, being immersed in a form of solitude for days on end can bring to the surface traumas or pains that have long been ignored. Dealing with these situations is necessary to progress. When we travel, we discover a new rhythm that imposes itself on us. Very often this change is unpleasant and we wish to return to our preoccupations so as not to let ourselves be contaminated because we identify it as a disturbance. However, accepting that our own rhythm is modified can be salutary in the sense that it can make germinate new ideas again or make us become aware of something deep that we ignored until then.

Loneliness, even partial, is something we all experience or suffer from at some point. When it knocks on our door, we must know how to receive it with the courtesy it deserves. Solitude is the best school for learning about oneself, discovering wisdom and finally connecting with others. Indeed, as surprising as it may seem, when we are more comfortable with ourselves, when we know ourselves better, we can more easily create bonds with the people around us. Moreover, the quality and depth of the relationships that we will have been able to establish after periods of solitude will only be greater

Loneliness is a lesson that we often shy away from, yet it is through it that we could collectively improve well-being and human ties.

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