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Is Your Amputated Leg Still Itchy?


There are joyful moments that we try to memorise, and the sad moments that put their scratches on the face of our lives, and little by little these memories make an imaginary body that holds our identity as a human being. This body shows our borders while interacting with other bodies, and gives us identities and a sense of existence.

Is this important to keep such a body in dynamics we have with others in life? Should we keep navigating through life while limiting ourselves in this identity container? Could we exist beyond these borders?

Imagine you are the driver of a motorcycle. You do maneuvers among the cars and even people on the street while getting used to the size of your motorcycle! It would be easy such a maneuver and you could do agile reactions to the outside world whenever it is needed. Now imagine yourself as a driver of a big bus. You are used to driving the big bus every day, being cautious not to hit other cars and people in the street while you have to do the turns specially on the sharp corners. That seems to be much harder to navigate in a dynamic life if you carry a big identity and as a consequence you may have more accidents with the outside world.

More surprising is that you may lose old identities as you lose your loved ones or experience a real change in your believes or in society you live in. It seems like losing a part of your identity body while you still kept  holding the old memories of the past very tight. You’d be still trying not to step on someone’s foot by the imaginary foot you have. You may also feel itchy on the toes of cutted leg, while your senses get evoked by surrounding collisions.

Taking a close look at the lost parts and touching the new edges plus time could help relearning the new body. However, trying to not get identified with the events and passing through life while taking the pears and not all the shells seems to be a better step to take. You won’t feel frustrated carrying sacks of oyster shells hoping they may have pearls inside them.

This is the reason many scholars and sages advised us to take the lightest baggage in life. The lightest our identity body would be, the fastest our speed of excellence will be and the lesser our pain in the face of life will be.

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